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What GPS, Tracking or Rangefinder ?

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So back playing golf and taking in more seriously it has got to the time where technology comes into play. I have Arccos as they came free with the clubs and trying it out all seems good however, I am now in a absolute mess trying to pick between three options (feel free to confuse me further by throwing in more suggestions) but want to see what the consensus is between these and of those who may own or use. 
So we are looking at the either: Garmin Z82, Voice Caddie SL2 or ShotScope Pro LX + 

All see to have their merits but I like my technology and these seem to be the all signing all dancing GPS integrated rangefinders. With Shotscope I could ditch Arccos but with the other would carry on using Arccos most likely. Garmin has the nice blind shot compass to the green but no screen. Voice Caddie has the screen but I have heard the course info can sometimes be a bit dated etc. 

In desperate need of help I'd like to have one in my bag next Wednesday when I play. HELP ME PLEASE!


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1 hour ago, BadgerGolf said:

In desperate need of help I'd like to have one in my bag next Wednesday when I play. HELP ME PLEASE!

There's a thread here about the Shotscope GPS/shot tracking devices. I don't use the device discussed in the thread, but I've been using a shotscope watch for 3+ years and I think it is great since they added strokes gained stats over a year ago. I've used Garmin devices too; the quality of the Garmin is better IMO than Shotscope with regards to the device itself, but I think Shotscope has a much better interface, tracking, and smartphone/web platform.



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