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Yards Per Pound


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What's everyone's "yardage per pound" as measured by an average of your drives and your 5-irons? How about yardage per inch?

Me: 180 lbs and 5'10"
Driver: 1.5 yds/lb, 3.86 yds/in
5-Iron: 1.03 yd/lb, 2.64 yds/in

270 and 185 yards, respectively, for the times when I don't completely mishit a shot. I threw those out, and the 270/185 numbers were confirmed by some recent launch monitor work as well.

On a scale of 0-10, 10 being super-muscular and 0 being a big flabby wuss, I'm around a 5. I'm neither.

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ME : 6'1" 180LBS.
DRIVER : 1.61 yds/lb 3.97 yds/in
5 Iron : 1.17 yds/lb 2.88 yds/in

Driver average 280-300.
5 iron 210 yards.

On a scale of 0-10, 10 being super-muscular and 0 being a big flabby wuss, I'm around a 7. I am lean, not super muscular but pretty thin/cut. Im working on getting my body fat % down and my lean muscles up!
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Driver: 1.32 yards/lb, 3.71 yards/inch - 260 yards avg
5 iron: only .86 yards/lb, 2.43 yards/inch - 170 yards carry
I'm probably also a 7 (5'10" 197lbs) with a stocky/muscular build with a bit of a gut .


What's in the bag?
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Interesting topic. Driver average probably 285 and 5 iron is 195.

Me: 6' 0" 190 lbs.
Driver: 1.5 yards/lb, 3.95 yards/in
5 Iron: 1.02 yards/lb, 2.70 yard/in

I would put myself at around a 6. Pretty average build but tipped more toward the musclar/fit than the flabby side of the scale.

Fairways and Greens.


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  • 2 weeks later...
Height 5'9"
Weight 150 lbs

Driver : 1.73 yd/lb
5-iron : 1.16 yd/lb

Josh Premuda

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  • 16 years later...

Old Thread but something I have been looking into

Im 5ft 10 weigh 125 lbs (left leg amputee) 

Driver is 280 average - 2.24 yards/4.0 per in.

5 iron is 205 average - 1.64 yards/2.93 per in

On a scale of 1-10 ....I'm scrawny but pretty in great shape so a 7.5.spacer.png 

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    • Thanks for the feedback. That seems to be what many people have complained about the bag. I'm only planning to use the legs when loading/unloading the bag from my push cart and the occasional driving range that doesn't have a bag stand. It's probably something I'm just going to have to deal with because I can't find any other bags with the top configuration that I like.
    • While I love the look of my Mizuno 14 way stand bag, there is definitely a defect in the legs. My family has all had the same issue. Maybe it’s been addressed or it’s not an issue for the. 6 way, but it may be something to consider when looking for a bag.    Mizuno makes great clubs and customer service has been great, but the bags are not my favorite. 
    • I can not imagine what was going through his mind when he walked off the golf course and WD. Jesus, what a f'd up situation. His poor parents must be devastated. Sad thing he will be more remembered  for this than his Tour career. He was kind of an under the radar guy for me and maybe others. Not like his name is mentioned in likely winners of an event. I hope the network/ PGAT does a nice respectful piece on him. I'm out of the country so I can't view the event. I'm sure it's cast a dark cloud over this week's event. Two weeks now, two tragic stories. On a side note, I remember getting the annual suicide prevention classes every year in the Army. One thing a guy said was when you ask some one how they are doing, mean it. You never know when your words can make a positive difference. Well I'm rambling, just a horrible story. Take care all.
    • It looks to me like you take the club back too flat and then steepen it in transition.
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