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What a Bunch of Hackers (17th at Sawgrass)

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2 hours ago, ChetlovesMer said:

I'm not sure that's the case here. 

I've played this hole (granted only once) but everyone in my group was either completely amped up for the shot, or shaking at the knees. Distance control is so dependent on a quality strike and a quality strike is challenging when your knees are shaking. 

If you think of it this way. Your strike will either be good or bad. If its good, no problem. Mine was good, I landed center of the green. If your strike is bad it will most likely end up short, or in this case in the water. 

I always think it's funny when experts tell us that most amateurs leave the ball short more often then hit it long. To which I say "No Sh!t, Sherlock." 😋 A bad strike most often comes up short, and amateurs make more bad strikes than the pros. Oh sure, occasionally somebody will skull one and thin it a mile, but for the most part bad strikes fall short. But playing for a bad strike is not realistic. If you hit your 9 iron 135 yards for example, you may hit 50% of them about 135 yards. The other 50% will mostly be short. Some of them way short. Some may only go 25 or 30 yards. Planning for a terrible strike just isn't the answer. Taking more club can help, but if you hit a scabby one, it doesn't matter which club is in your hands, it will end up short. 

Agreed. Yes, many beginners and "I got 3 times a year" players overestimate the lengths of their shots, especially driver ("hit already, they're 300 yards out!!!"), but that's gotta be nothing compared to the number of fat shots that come up short.

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    • Yes.  We did best points net two- man teams, but only overall IIRC at Beaver Creek. 80% handicap. And top three individual nets got a little something.  Yes, that's it. The three individual competitions - front, back and overall are great for big groups.  The $25 set up sounds like a winner as long as no one has a strong aversion to it. 
    • Day 4: Did my usual slow motion swings. Still working on being lateral with the hips and not letting my hips come towards the ball or get to far behind me.    Also started to work on some putting. Just swinging from coin to coin. New concept as I always tried to accelerate through the putt. Probably why I sucked at lag putting. 
    • You could take it a step farther and… write it down, and then tape it to your shaft beneath your grip. Like… this: Chapter 7, Page 37.
    • “Don’t hit 80 yards. Swing 9 o’clock” - is what my golf coach told me, when I was choosing between my wedges (PW, GP, …). Now I have a printed card where I write the average distance of every wedge that I hit with a 9 o’clock backswing motion. Before: When my distance to the green was around 40 to 120 yards, I would choose the club that would go that distance with either a full swing or a ‘not full swing’. I thought I had a good feeling for the distance and I’d swing according to that distance (sometimes a full swing with a 60 degree lob wedge to reach 100 to 110 yards). After: Now I know how far each wedge goes with a nine o’clock backswing and I systematically dial it up or down by increments of e.g. 5 degrees depending on the distance. Outcome: - My distance control has significantly improved: I am rarely short or long over the green - GIR percentage improved - Consequently, my putting percentage improved. I rarely have three putts thanks to the proximity of my shots near the pin - Now I rarely do a full swing with my wedges; that helps with more consistent shots and has the benefit of less air-time / wind impact For example: Before I would full swing my GW for 120 yard shots and now I go a club up and use my PW with a relaxed 9 o’clock shot to more accurately reach that distance.
    • Was in the shop yesterday and found these balls tucked away.  A good friend’s father-in-law used to play these (literally - they were his practice balls).  Makes me wonder if the “fear” of the ball roll back will amount to something like these. The sport and its members pro and amateur alike will learn to adapt….

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