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Ligthtest Driver Heads Available?

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I own a stealth plus 1 with an X 60 gram shaft. with a head weight of around 200 grams. Every club I test feels heavy so I removed the back weight and it felt better, also gained me 2 mph of club speed. It still feel heavy for me so I wanted to try something lighter.

Are there any other drivers lighter than 190g? Are there heavier drivers but when you remove the stock weight you can lower it below 190g?
Can a 40g shaft help the issue?  

I know that all of this is going to bring down the swingweight to the C category and I'm totally ok with it. I love the feel of the club when I add 50 grams to the grip but it also get too heavy in total weight so I don't get faster with it, even I loose a bit of speed. Any suggestions?

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Cobra, Callaway, Mizuno and XXIO come out with a lightweight version of their drivers pretty much every year now-a-days. This year's Callaway offering is called "Ai Smoke Max Fast" driver. Cobra has their AIR-X 2 OS (off-set) and AIR-X 2 SN (Standard Neck) drivers. I can't remember what Mizuno's light weight offering is called, but they have one too. I've never seen the XXIO in person, but I've heard they have a very lightweight model. 

I'm pretty sure that none of the "lightweight" models have adjustable necks. I'm sure that's to save weight. But it also means you can't swap shafts as easily. It also means you can't tweak the loft setting. Callaway and Mizuno, I think, only have 12.5ish degree versions of their lightweight driver. I'm almost positive that Cobra adds a 9.5 degree to their AIR-X 2 models. Don't know about XXIO. 

But, you can get fit for them and get them built really light. If memory serves, the Cobra is the lightest of the light weight drivers. 

There may be more of them out there. But these are the ones I see most often. 

Good luck.  


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My bag is an ever-changing combination of clubs. 

A mix I am forever tinkering with. 

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Get a Ping driver. I have a couple of light heads. The G400max with a 3 gram weight is around 294 grams vs the original 206 gr.
I have the G430 which the weight is 25 grams and I replaced it with a 9 gram weight. 206 minus 16 is light. With the Ping Tour 2.0 stiff shaft I hit that club 10 yards further.

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