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WITB Photo Edition!

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Completely off topic, but Dent why do you have orange dot irons? arent you a big tall guy? I'm 6-1 and I should be using 3* up and +.5 inch

Because they were such a good deal (Like i said $450 brand new shafts, grips and refinished) I decided to get them and didnt mind them being orange dot. I can just get them bent at my local shop or something. I am Red Dot anyways so that's only 1 more degree upright.

Dang, those do look brand new! Got anymore pics? Who did the refinishing?

I'll take some more right away. Ping did the refinishing.

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Here you go Harry, the guy used them for one round so there may be some marks on the faces of the clubs. I'll make them extra closeups. Don't mind the pop bottles everywhere. I always empty my bag on the floor.

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Yes they have a lot shinier finish then the regular S58's that have more of the dull grey.

Did you (or the prior owner) request a different finish and, if so, which one? I really like it. I may even like it more than the black nickel finish that they come with brand new.

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Ha thanks everyone, I wanted to make them extra big cuz Harry said he wanted more pictures, so you can really see the details on the club.

Harry: I'll ask the guy right now what he requested in the shop.

Glad you all like them, hopefully I do too

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Heres my stuff, and harry there is plenty of random stuff in here.

My D-Stick

My TM TP-Mid 2 Hybrid

My Tour Issue TM TP Rescue 3...and if you look really closely you can see TST on my comp.

My 695's

My Wedges - 2 vokey spin milled and 1 raw

And My Putter

Not bad pics for a camera with a broken screen.

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My apologies Laxplayer201092 about the scratched clubs thing, it seems clubs seem more worn when close up pics are taken.

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I'm going to take new pictures tonight,,, my qwiver's changed so much in that last year that I needs to do it...

OH, Dent... I really really love those S58's! Awesome! After deciding to give up on my mizzy mp-30's I was trying every club out there (used unfortunately) and loved these... GReat clubs.


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All I have for right now is a driver pic I took on the course this week. I will take some more later tonight maybe.

Dunlop Super LoCo 457 with Harrison Striper shaft

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    • I was going to say Prince as well. If I had to guess someone else, I dunno, Randy Newman?
    • Our owner committed to paying employees through March but has not announced if any future months will be paid. We have a $50 Food Minimum which the owner removed and I contacted the GM and asked if it could be donated to help staff. He indicated yes, so I authorized a $100 charge and hope other member donate also. There are staff members who have been at the club for years, it would be a bad situation if they do not return.
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    • For something like a driver, grip down for awhile before you make a decision.
    • My club sent out a letter just last week because of inquiries.  I copied and pasted the pertinent items outlined below. The Waterside Grill/Banquets/Special Events: 1. Detailed cleaning policy of the entire establishment, every 2 hours, set in place and strictly monitored. 2. Sit down restaurant dining has been eliminated to adhere to social distancing requirements. 3. Take-out orders are available based on limited menu. 4. Curb side pick-up available upon request. 5. No gathering of more than 10 people and social distancing within the building observed of 6 feet. 6. Cancellation/postponing of all scheduled events and community activities. 7. Special “Family Style” dinners for take-out and catering orders being offered. 8. Take out of mixed beverages allowed with food orders. Golf Operations: 1. Detailed cleaning policy of the entire establishment, every 2 hours, set in place and strictly monitored. 2. Social distancing of 6 feet per person required and no gathering of more than 10 people. 3. Golf cart ridership restricted to one person per cart (exception for family members only) 4. Flagpoles to remain in hole at all times. Flagpoles cleaned 2+ times per day. 5. Rakes removed from sand traps. 6. Driving range closed until further notice. Putting green open and flagpoles removed. 7. Removal of sand bottles and coolers from golf carts. 8. Golf carts cleaned and disinfected after each round. 9. Cancellation of all scheduled tournaments and events. 10. Elimination of all shot-gun starts to minimize crowd size in favor of tee times. 11. Remove water stations on golf course and provide bottle water for free. 12. Elimination of course beverage cart. Snacks, beverages and ice bags available in Pro Shop. Fitness Center: 1. The Fitness Center is closed until the COVID-19 social distancing requirement is removed. 2. Membership fees for the fitness center are suspended until the center is reopened. Tennis Courts: 1. Detailed cleaning policy of tennis court area, every 2 hours, set in place and strictly monitored. 2. Water stations removed. The club is doing all it can to remain open and keep as many of the employees working as they possibly can.  Our club is within a city that is solely within a gated community.  The golf course is more busy every day than it has ever been because of the "stay at home" order from the county.  Also, the golf course is considered to be a "park" and has not really had any issues staying open....so far.  What we do have to do is practice social distancing.   Also, the golf course is only open to members and their guests.  Outside players unaccompanied by a member...not allowed.   The county sheriff can show up at any time to make sure all the precautions required are in place and being observed.  As far as golf membership dues are concerned...we are paying what we always pay.    
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