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WITB Photo Edition!

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lax, what are the r7 tp's like? do you reckn a 16 hc could use em?

My friend wanted these too and is a around a 16 Handicap...I recommend you get the regular r7's. He could do okay with the TP's but sometimes wishes he had just a little more forgiveness.

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Yes a 16 could definetly use them. They are way forgiving in the low irons, and the long irons can bail you out, but you still need to be a decent ball striker.

The different grips do annoy me, I have a Torsion on the driver, a cord on the 3 wood, Winn XI7 on all the irons, torsion on all the wedges, all oversize.
I just reshafted the 3 wood, so i am yet to decide if i wanna grip it or no.

FirstCut, Im also only 16 :D
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The bag:

Ping i10 5-W AWT Regular:

Taylormade Tour Burner 10.5* Stock Regular:

Taylormade Burner Tour Launch 14.5* Stock Regular:

Ping Rapture 24* Aldila VS Proto "By You" 80-R:

Titleist Vokey 250.08, Ping Tour Black Nickel 54.13, Nike Forged 58.04:

Titleist Scotty Cameron Circa '62 #2 Charcoal Mist 33":

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Alright got my new irons.. here we go, I don't really take that nice of pictures but heres a general idea of what I got.

The Bag (Bad Pic Sorry)

Ping S58 Irons Orange Dot, just got em in the mail today, ZZ-65 Shafts, Brand new Grips, Refinished as well got for $450 (Look New?)

Wilson Harmonized 60* and TM Z TP 54*

TM r7 5 Wood Stock Shaft

Nike Sasquatch 9.5* Stock Regular Shaft

Yes! Tiffany 34"

Adidas Tour 360 II Shoes & Arnold Palmers

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  • Posts

    • Day 160: Played 18 this morning. Driver setup changes made a big difference in performance with that club, but still need to work on the dynamic portion of the change. Scored well, and I think it is a testament to the work I've been doing on mechanical change, and also helped by having a consistent pre-shot routine to commit and execute the swings. Didn't have any amazing shots, but really limited mistakes today.
    • Day 609: Practiced for about 20 minutes today focusing on the hands, same as yesterday. Didn’t film because it was too hot and sunny.
    • Day 240 - Putting work today. Started with Day 11 "Putting Pendulum" drill (about 10 minutes) them hit 25 putts down a 3' line on my PuttOUT matt. 
    • Three months in, so time for an update. When I wrote these goals, I anticipated that I would be playing from the white tees, but have subsequently moved up to the gold (senior) tees as my average drive is 175-180 (long around 195). The Good:  I am tracking results using a Shot Scope V3, which for shots gained comparison purposes I use a 15 Hcp (my index is currently 22.8) and as of Friday night's round, my most recent 5 rounds indicated 4.44 shots lost to a 15, down from 5.93 shots lost for the first 5 rounds, for an improvement of 1.49 shots. I am now hitting 4-5 greens per 18 and while moving up tees has clearly helped, the quality of my approach shots from 100-160 yards has clearly improved as well.  Additionally, I am hitting  wedges and short irons with much better distance control than how I ended last season and chipping better as well. I remain distance challenged with my tee shots (hence the move up) but get FIR 50% of the time, with misses generally in pretty good shape. The Bad:  Putting is actually worse than last season as I'm now averaging 34.4 putts/18 and about 8 holes per 3 putt. My assessment of my problems is that while "Bead" is pretty good, "Read" is only OK (I read the direction of the break correctly, not the amount) and "Speed" is poor.  Will be focusing on drills to improve "Speed" first and then "Read". Scoring goals: Since moving up tees, I now typically shoot 86-88 so new scoring goal is 82-84 and to break 80. 
    • Meh. 44-49 for 93 at The Neuse yesterday. My third straight round where I’ve had to fight to put up a decent number. I was able to stay around bogey golf until 18 when, for the third time that day, I put a ball OB off the tee and made triple. Not much else to say apart from that except for the fact that I got up and down for par on the par-3 7th after an awful tee shot.  My plan is to hit the range tomorrow and prepare for Tuesday, when I’m playing with my boss and another coworker.
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