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Any advice on using Golfsmith's Smart Fit, club fitting?

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I live far away from a golf store, and even those have got a limited selection. So, I'd really like to order from Golfsmith and get them custom fitted for me.

I've been looking at it, trying to put in some stuff. It's all peachy until I reach the part where I choose shafts and grip.

I got absolutely no idea what to choose, but it seems to suggest the standard shaft for the clubs I choose. I've been looking at Mizuno MP-57 for now. I've got clubs with a big CB today, I find them a bit too heavy for my liking. The clubs with less, or no CB I've tried felt much better. Still I don't think I'm ready for blades at this point, that's why I ended up with MP-57 so far.

With a low launch it suggested a 5.5 Stiff shaft. How can the shaft decide whether you get a high, mid or low launch? What is most commonly preferred launch by the way? I have no idea, all I know is that with the clubs I got today I've got a very high launch, higher than I'd like it to be. I see the Precision Project X shafts that the non-customized sets come with has got a low launch.

I've got stiff shafts on my driver and my 3 wood. With a driver distance of 219-232 it suggests 5.5 Stiff, that could sound OK since I've got stiff shafts on my other clubs. My driving is a bit inconsistent atm. due to some big changes I've got planned for my swing, but I probably average around 220 with my driver at this moment. I guess the difference of Stiff and Stiff Plus, or Stiff Plus and X-Stiff doesn't matter too much for me at this point. My swing certainly wont get worse, my driver length will, if anything, get better.

Then it's the grips. There's a wider selection than shafts, I still got no idea. By standard it choose Mizuno grips, fair enough, but what's the difference of Rib and Rnd ?

The adjustment of inches in length and grip size is ok, that's suggested by my height and hand size. The grips are replaceable, not that I don't think I'll get good ones.

I've pretty much answered myself during the time it took me to write this thread, but since I've already written it I'll just post it. I'd really appreciate any tips from you guys regarding custom club fitting at Golfsmith.com. Thanks.

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Rib[/b] and

A ribbed grip has a ridge running down that back side, this it supposed to fit in the creases of your hand, to help you grip it consistently the same way. A round grip is just that, it is round and it won't feel any different no matter how you grip it.

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I've done endless online-fitting with GolfSmith (drivers, irons, wedges), then taken gone to my local clubshop to be fitted and they end up matching pretty much throughout my set.

As long as you're honest with your driver-distances, then get your height/wrist-to-floor/hand/finger measurements bang-on , then it's not that far off.

However, the true 100% test for iron-lie is at your local club...

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