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Shawn Clement

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There's another thread on here somewhere (2010 or 2011?) where I railed on the guy for being overrated; that said, it was really nice of him to help me out here. I'd been playing golf for less than a

I am a big fan of Shawn Clement. I bought the DVD series at the end of last year and also watch his videos on YouTube. I will acknowledge that some of his terminology for ball flight isn't up to speed

Yeah...have you seen his swing from both sides? It's pretty impressive. I still wonder how you start that. I mean, in a sport like baseball, there's some advantage to being a switch hitter, but I can't really see the advantage in golf. You should check out hit DVD...I'm going to pick up a copy soon.

I've exchanged a couple of emails w/him and he's been extremely responsive and helpful. I wish there was someone who taught the game as well as he does closer to me...I'd pay a little more for some good instruction.
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I am also a big fan of Shawn. His youtube vids and his DVD gives a complete learning system, by which a new player can learn by analogies and sensations. His drills are helpful and his explanations make anatomical sense.

I have seen plenty of teachers around me, none of them have 10% of the teaching ability Shawn has. Most of them just give some strange description of the swing, even worse, sometimes several pros at the same place give contradictory instructions.

95% of the instructions on youtube are garbage, and similar percentage can be said for live instructions. they just keep talking about swing plane, inside out blah blah, but all ignore the elephane in the room, which is how to teach a new player make consistent contact... I am sure most new players won't care about a slice if he can hit the slice every time.... it's the fat shots and the tops etc that makes the game so frustrating to learn, yet all the instructors I have seen, they all say the golf swing is a body swing, or an arm swing, or sweeping the grass, or hitting down on the ball, you name it, they got a variation for you... but none of them can tell you how to make consistent contact.

Shawn's instructions address the most common concerns of a learning golfer, and has made the game very enjoyable for me. Kudos to him.
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thumbs up to shawn, i've been watching his videos for a couple of months now. he's excellent at really clearly explaining what he's trying to convey.
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i think shawn clement is a very good teacher, i would also reccomend Barry Powers, who has a couple videos on youtube, but not many. definetly check out barry powers, and if you ever go to ireland, book a lesson with him(hes irelands no. 1 pro)
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His videos have helped me tremendously. I now use his hip turn and swing the club much slower and smoother. Amazing, but my ball travels further. I am also able to hit more balls at the driving range because I am not swinging as hard. Less fatigue.

Using his hip turn and more controlled, loose grip swing, I hit the best drive of my life this summer. 250 yds into a 25 mph wind. The other 3 in my group all sliced it because they swung hard because of the wind.

He has helped me a lot. His grip and tempo videos are my favorite.
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Shawn's videos were some of the first instruction I recieved and followed. I think his teaching really helped me realize some part of my potential much faster than if I had just followed "Golf Digest" tips, etc. I own his DVD, and it's a great resource. If I still lived up in Michigan, I'd probably make the trip to see him for lessons.

All this being said, I had to be careful with Shawn's hip turn method. I am very flexible in my turn, and I mistakenly ended up reverse pivoting (weight staying left, then spinning out on the downswing). This was my fault entirely, as I should have known to practice my weight shift better. I was staying left, then going even further left but totally spinning out and falling forward. Just doesn't work for me and my upright swing. As a result, my swing became too flat and too much inside. I couldn't keep the club from going way across the line. I lost my ability to play all woods.

Finally realizing that (somewhat a product of working on Brian Manzella's Soft Draw Pattern ), and practicing the proper weight shift (for my swing), I am starting to get my game back into form and I firmly believe I'll be better than ever. I still have the counterbalancing turn, but I get my weight to my right foot earlier, then back to the left much better. My balance and clubhead path are significantly improving. Amazing what just loosing the sense of proper weight shift does to your swing! I'm practicing the weight shift at the start of every range session from now on!

Shawn has some of the best analogies and visuals I have heard yet in golf instruction. Between him and Brian Manzella, there is lots of good golf knowledge on Youtube.

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I added Shaun to my list of "artful" golfers at artfulgolfer.com about a year ago, I recently added a couple others worth checking out:

Cameron Strachan - promotes playing the game "automatically"

Mike Maves - youtube video links available at the most popular thread ever at golfwrx

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Tempo and balance, I think are really the two things that separate Shawn's teaching from others. Not that other teachers don't stress balance and tempo, but Shawn's description of the body in relation to the swing as a dynamics system have really improved my golf swing and understanding of what my body is doing. He's been a major factor in my handicap dropping from 24 to 18 over the past 3 1/2 months (and hopefully it'll keep going as I get some of my bad scores out of the system. I ordered his DVD not long ago and am waiting to get it. Should be good.
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One of the tips I found particularly useful at the time is when he swings back and forth continuously, hitting always the same spot on the ground. If you're out of balance or tempo, there's no way you can do that. or at least, no way *I* could do that

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Note: This thread is 1693 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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