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Las Vegas Golf for cheap!

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Hey guys,

I'm planning a trip to Las Vegas for some golf the weekend of dec 12th.

I'm looking to play on a public course, something nice but not super expensive. Thus far, the cheapest I've found was $159. I was hoping for a price closer to the $100 mark.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good golf experience near Vegas at a reasonable price?
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well, mesquite is about 40 miles away from vegas, and there you have Wolf Creek, which is a helluva course. We play that a couple times each time we visit my grandparents, which live 5 minutes away.
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Hey guys,

Try Bear's Best; it is a terrific course. Don't know the "non-resident" rate, but I pay about 60.00 on Sundays. Beyond that, you can try The Legacy or Angel Park.

I was just there and if you are interested in playing some great courses in the afternoon..you can get some good twilight rates.

Badlands is a very frustrating "target" course. Take alot of ball if you plan to play there.

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I live here, and your gonna overpay regaurdless. But I think TPC las vegas has some sort of deal right now to get on for 150 or something, bears best you could probably get similar. Both spectacular courses.

Theres lots or Rhodes Ranch, Sienna, Red Rock Arroyo, The Revere type courses that you can probaly get on for between $75 and $125 but honestly wont be any nicer than the courses you guys play at home. And pace of play in Vegas is the worse in the world when its busy, which is most of the time.

If Im going to solidly recomend something it would be Paiute. Its a little further north maybe 30 minutes from the strip. There have 3 courses, Sun, Snow, and The Wolf. All are beautiful Pete Dye courses, Sun and Snow are very similar 18 on Snow comes into the club house around water. probbaly the prettiest hole in Vegas. I got my first birdie there, and while you eat you can bet if people are going to 3 putt on that 18th green lol. The Wolf is one of the hardest courses in the US, its on golf digests list as well as just all around best too I believe. Its about 7800 yards from the tips.

What seperates them from the rest of Las Vegas, is that fact that its on an indian reservation so they dont have to adhere to the water restrictions everyone else does. So the courses are in better shape and the water in the lakes is actually blue. Water on holes in vegas tends to be ugly and sometimes plain smells bad.
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If you're Military (even Ex) or a Federal employee (or married to one, or with one), you can play at Nellis Air Force Base. They have 36 finely manicured holes, and the price is right (less than $50). You must make tee times at least a week in advance, and get to the course well before your tee time to get through security (my how times have changed). I think it's worth the effort though. The pace is fast because there's not usually anyone else playing, especially week days.

Other "cheap" Vegas golf would be Las Prados, or Craigs Ranch. Or take a ride up to the dam area and play Boulder Municipal,

I think the best value golf would be the Legacy golf club, it's about 20 minutes out of town. It hosts a US Open qualifier and is usually in terrific shape.
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My home course is the Sienna Golf Club. Would be nice to meet folks from this forum if you play there, too.

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