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Strong left hand grip- Can it be this easy?

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I have been taking lessons to try and improve my swing- One of the key things I have been working on is reducing my spin rates on my driver- I had a hard time keeping them under 3000 rpm and most often they were in the high threes.
I have also been trying to increase my lag and get the hands through the ball quicker to increase speed and impact conditions-

Today after some experimentation with my instructor we tried a strong left hand grip- Turning my left wrist closewise slightly and tucking my left thumb to the right of the shaft rather then on top(12 oclock) This seemed to improve my top position and also help with my lag-

After my lesson I went into the launch monitor and found my spin rates were way down- Wow! could it really be this easy- My launch angle had gone down a fair bit(8-10 degrees)which I'll have to work on but better yet my spin rates were 2300-2800 almost every swing- my swing speeds were still around 98-103 but my ball speed came up to around 150.

Well- thoughts?

Anybody else every had instant results like this- And who uses a fairly strong left hand grip- I know some good tour players like Freddy uses a strong left hand grip-



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Basically you were manipulated the ball flight by changing how much the clubface the clubface can close through impact. Similar to opening or closing the clubface with wedges. Open it up and the ballflight is sky high because you added loft to the club, close or hood the club slightly and you can it will arrive with a mid to low ball flight because you are taking loft off. A stronger grip also will deloft the clubface a bit and that is why your launch dropped but for the spin rate, the only thing I can come up with is that you are catching the ball higher on the clubface while it is being delofted and thus the lower spin. I won't comment on the "working on my lag" statement but it is good that you got the results that you were looking for.


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That IS all there is to it!

Just be careful. Making your left hand "a little" stronger is a good "one aspirin" fix... So DON'T take the whole bottle!

I have found that the strong left hand helped my swing path back to the ball immediately!!!! You will now be coming from the inside, and you will be hitting the ball FLUSH... with POWER!

Just don't over do it, or you will be fighting the HOOK just like Hogan did!

Besides Freddy, take a look at Zinger (Paul is a BIT extreme!)



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For many players the strong left-hand grip can definitely help with a few problems, but it can also create it's own problems. You have to be careful not to let your grip continue to get stronger (both left hand and right). I play with a strong left and neutral/slightly weak right hand grip. The problems I have usually come about when I've either not played in a while (which seldom happens) or I've played a lot. My hands want to slowly shift one way or the other and I don't notice it at first then I make it worse by trying to fix it. I had this happen at the beginning of this year (2008) and went from being a straight/slight draw driver to a player with a horrible hook/pull with driver. The more I tried fixing it the worse it got. When I took the time to go to the range and fix it that way I was finally able to figure out that I had shifted both hands a little too strong. I think that had happened the previous fall/winter when I was trying to hit strong draws on this course I played a lot during that time.

Maybe the most important factor in consistent golf (at least for me) is to make sure my grip is always the same (at least at beginning of day - sometimes an adjustment might be needed to accomodate a swing flaw that day).

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    • Mayb Spieth should spend more time over his ball, talked to his caddy more, slow things down a bit...........       (god help us no!)
    • I found  that I was making better contact  when I started my downswing with my arms.   BUT, on further review, and after watching a video of myself, I found the reason.   And the reason was, I  was ending my backswing by raising my arms.   I was becoming disconnected at the top of the back swing.   Thus, by starting my down swing with my arms, I was just getting re-connected and putting myself back into the position I should have been in at the top of my down swing.  Now, I am going to work on not raising my arms at the top of the back swing.   Then, I will be able to follow the advice in the post that started this thread.  Better yet, it's way past time for me to get some lessons from my local pro. 
    • To OP, your primary focus of all should be to learn to swing on plane first. Speed will come. It will come in boatloads. Consider the analogy of a car speeding in a NASCAR track. You can throttle the car when in the straight section of the track and get max speed but you have to slow down in the turn section, no matter how powerful the engine. Swinging 'on plane' with a proper sequence is like driving the car the straight section - you can maximize leverage and inertia for speed. Leveraging a club for speed until then is like trying to speed up at the turn - you will just go off track or will have to slow down to keep control. Of course swinging on plane is easier said then done. It is as closest to the 'holy grail' of golf you can get. Everybody, even experience players, are always chasing it. But swing even somewhat on plane will do wonders. Impact will dramatically improve too. You are new to the game. It is an exciting time with all kinds of new discoveries of what you can do with a golf club. THIS is the best time to get a camera and work with a good professional - do it NOW!!   
    • I played round 1 of 2 for the final local tournament of the year yesterday.  I struggled with my driver the entire day and managed to find only 1 of 14 fairways.  It was frustrating, to say the least.  

      On the plus side, I posted a 42 - 45 = 87 and I'm only 4 strokes back heading to the final round this morning.  

      I figure, if I can jump out to a quick start early... I have a chance.  I know I need to post something really low... like an 82 or something, to have a realistic opportunity to catch the leader... but I know I can do it on the course we're playing, so... I have my fingers crossed.  

      I'm about to head out in 45 minutes or so to get some practice time in prior to the round.  I'll update tomorrow.

    • @spider  Excellent review of the track!  It should give folks a pretty fair idea of the course and what it has to offer. In terms of playability, it holds up to any major championship courses. You are rewarded for accuracy, challenging at times, suited for golfers of all skill levels. Very affordable. Although we did not see any, at times there are lots of wild life on the course and some imported such as American Bison! There used to be several herds of sheep. The location is kind of out there, quiet, and off the beaten track, yet easily accessible. And "Oh Yeah", stellar 5W! (I carry one as well, Ben Hogan Speed Slot (Laminate) which I used frequently.  I am looking forward to the next event.@Shindig says he may try to put something together for the winter. 
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