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There are a few golf forums out there. I've personally been banned from what feels like all of them - twice - for rather innocuous things. Banning people is not what this forum is about. In six years, we've banned fewer than two members per year, and in each case the members persisted in behaving in a manner completely unacceptably. Other forums will ban two members per day.

This forum will have a general overriding principle of respect. We're providing a resource for y'all to hang out, chat, have some fun, and talk golf. Don't abuse the privilege and there won't be problems.

That being said, we're not uptight. Say "dammit" if you want, say "I played like shit." Those are on one side of the line. Calling someone else shithead is on the other side, and if you're right in the head, you know where that line sits. This still allows plenty of room for hearty discourse and even disagreement, and I hope that people realize the differences between "that's a stupid statement, and here's why..." and "you're stupid."

Post links to your personal site or blog in your signature - no problem. Links to non-personal sites are not allowed (exceptions granted for "my home course" type links). Post a large image in your signature? Probably gonna be pushin' it a little. The Sand Trap believes in spreading the word, in linking between sites, as we feel it raises the water level for all involved. But don't abuse the forum, don't spam members, and don't post merely to spread links to your site. Don't include a URL in your avatar and don't make a username "mysite dot com." That's pushing it.

Remember, any member can report you or your posts just by clicking the little "report post" button.

Contribute to the forum. Act in a responsible, respectful manner. Display a sense of decency. Y'know, all the stuff your parents tried to teach you.

In exchange, we promise to listen to ideas and issues. We promise to keep advertising to an absolute minimum. We promise not to beg for money or donations. We promise to be fair.

Have fun. We've not had problems, and though I know I can't expect never to have any, I can ask that we try to avoid them.

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