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Why did you start playing?

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Interested to know everyone's experience and why they picked up a club.

I was 15, on holiday and a little bored, so a friend and I borrowed some family friends golf clubs and went and played 9 holes. I remember a par 3 and getting it about 3 feet from the hole and was hooked. I played for a season then sadly, lost interest due to girls, partying and drinking lol....and didn't play again till I was 23, and am hooked again and will never leave the game again.
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At my school we had a "golf class". every 2nd period the class went to the local golf course and hit balls. And my classmates would bring back fries or (the ballers) full meals back from the course restuarant. Waaaaaaaay better than the food on campus!!

I decided to join the golf class in 7th grade to be different than my peers, for the challange, and ................well...........for those fries!! And i got hooked. And at one point in H.S. passed up a varsity spot on the basketball team to play on the golf team. After a 12 year break from the game after H.S. (got burned out and discouraged from my quest to get a scholarship) i have made a real effort to get back into it and...................once again im hooked, and rather play golf than my rec league basketball games. lol
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Guess I just started to watch it on TV more often and due to the fact that I will have my BA in Accounting next year, I figured it would be fun and a good skill to pick up.

When I was younger I guess I thought it was boring and would not be fun, but I just didnt know better back then.
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I started this summer and I have to say that I was one of those people that called golf a "boring" sport. I was always into sports like snowboarding, soccer, hockey, tennis, etc. Since I've started playing a month or two ago though, I'm getting pretty hooked on anything golf.

Reasons I started were because I stopped playing organized sports a few years back and wanted something fun to do during the summer weekends. It was also an opportunity to learn a sport alongside my girlfriend and have something sporty the two of us could do and enjoy. Finally, I just finished my undergrad in business and will be going into law school this fall, so knowing how to play golf (alongside tennis and snowboarding) will probably serve me in the business/legal world.

Can't wait to get better!!

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Note: This thread is 4036 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I shot around 83-85 on all the courses except the last day at Sand Valley when I shot a 79. I had a really good back nine at Sand Valley that day. I typically started slowly, and then had a good middle stretch of holes, 6-15, then have a bad last few holes. I putted really well, thanks Erik for giving me two putting tips about 4-5 weeks ago. Started making everything inside 15-FT. I think at the Sand Box, I had a 9 hole stretch where I made everything inside 15-FT. I didn't have many putts inside 5-Ft there.  The best hole for me was #12 at Sand Valley where I went Driver, 7 iron to about 25-FT, and two putted for birdie.  I also had a pretty good hole on Mammoth, where I went Driver, 3-wood, and pitched it to about 6 inches.   
    • @KevinBlakeHave you read this post? It may help.  
    • I shot 80 on the second day at SV, then 80 and 81 at Lawsonia, which were my 3 lowest scores of the year. Some highlights: 60 yard sand shot to 5 feet for birdie on MD. 3 birdies in a row from 10-12 on SV on day 2. Had a combined 30-35 feet of eagle putts on 10 and 12 (I hit two 5 irons to about 15 and 20 feet, respectively), and stuffed an approach from about 115 to 4 feet on 11.  Making par from the driving range on 9 on SV. Hit a completely blind 70 yard shot to 15 feet. I had to turn on my GPS to get some guess at the yardage because I couldn't see the flag to hit with my laser. I had a great lie, though. 🤣 Hitting the green twice at 7 at Lawsonia, playing it in a combined -1. 
    • I filmed @DeadMan@iacasand @GolfLug all with great shots on the the final hole of the Sandbox, number 17. Erik and Vishal nearly ace it. Gotta love the drunk guy yelling in the background. 😂
    • No, It does impact lie angle at address. Hand position can effect lie angle at impact to.  just because you present no toe up at address doesn’t mean you present that same position at impact. Your hand position can be different at impact than at address, and the dynamics of the golf club will change the lie angle as well. you could have very low hands at address and then swing where they end up much higher. If you change the lie angle of the club because it looks a lot toe up at address, then you could induce the toe to be down at impact. impact is what matters. When fitting, they have you hit a lie angle board, impact. Not measure lie at address.
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