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Howdy folks...recovering from surgery...golf injury...

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Four weeks ago today, I was enjoying a round of golf with my father. We get together every few months and play a round. I look forward to these rounds hugely. I'm in my early 40's and dad is in his 60's. Only the good Lord knows how many more of these rounds we may have together.

I haven't had too many golf outings this fall or the summer for that matter. My young son was out of school this summer and wasn't keen on golf...so we did other things during my time off.

This fall I was preparing for hunting.

Anyway...I'm on the course with my father...third hole par 5 finds me 265 from the back of the green. I've got a newish 3 wood that I really like and haven't properly broken in. I'm feeling it for some odd reason. I begin my swing and at the begining of my downswing something pops in my right ankle (outside). I could hear it.

My instant reaction was to raise my foot up and hop around all the while cursing. My father thought I'd ruined a knee (again).

Went back to his home and iced it while watching some NCAA football. My alma mater won 51-48 in the last 5 seconds of the game with a hail Mary pass. Go Pirates.

Two days later I'm in an orthopedic surgeons office.....x-rays look good....mri shows signifcant damage. Blew out my pernious longus tendon.

Surgery went well...little over a week ago.

Wearing the initial splint and wrap. I go back on Oct. 11th for the stitches to be removed and a cast to be put on for a month or so.

Doctor said he couldn't reattach it to the source due to the damage but he tethered it to adjacent tendons and it should "scar in nicely". I should expect a good recovery.

This was scary as golf is something that I really enjoy and don't wish to give up for any reason.

Folks, all I can tell you is to stretch carefully before your rounds. I did way too little of this prior to our round.

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Ouch... Definitely have to agree with you on your little bit of advice. In January, after several months of prepping to run a half marathon, I had a peroneal tendon injury (only a strain, as is common with runners) the week before the race. I was so ticked... and ended up not seriously running for a few months after as I lost the motivation. Just plan out a way to get golfing again so you keep that motivation! Although I'm sure getting that motivation is a lot easier in terms of golf than it is for running... haha

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I'm so sorry to hear this Dub. Especially now that BT has gotten the new greens up and running. Are they going to let you take a medical deferment? I've been eyeballing those TM fairway woods myself lately. TM makes some really good drivers and fairway woods, but I know in my heart that it really wouldn't make any significant difference in my game. Anyway good luck on the recovery and let me know when you get back on your feet again.

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    • A few weeks ago I stumbled across something that seems to have helped me a great deal.  Towards the end of a round I was fatigued and playing kinda sloppy and when addressing a ball my left leg popped into a locked straight position and I said screw it and swung away.  I ended up smoking the ball crisp and straight.  I tried it off and on several times during my next round and had similar great results.  Now I've been doing it all the time and it seems to be a genuinely good thing. I did a internet search of locked legs when I got home from playing today and all the links seemed to refer to locking the back leg and implied it was generally a bad thing.  There didn't seem to be any mention of locking the front leg.  This makes me think I might be teaching myself something unnatural and bad.  I pretty sure I'm maintaining the locked leg (back leg stays loose) all the way through the swing but I'd need to make a video to know for sure.  Anyway, my question is... does anyone else do this?  If not then does it sound like something that would be considered bad golf posture?
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