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Learning To Golf - Practice Week 8

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After my last round I had a list of things I needed to work on in the following order; putting, tee shots with woods, more consistently striking the ball to improve dispersion.

Putting: Painful, I found a practice green and continued to have difficulty with distance. I seem to read the greens and line my putts up correctly but distance is a problem. The Rossa Corza Ghost may be the right putter for some, but I can't get a feel for it. I've ordered a pre-owned SC Studio Style Newport 2 putter which is a blade and based on the reviews I've read will hopefully be easier to control distances with.

Tee Shots - Despite my experience at the range, I couldn't hit my driver straight during my round. I was a bit more consistent with the 3 wood, but I didn't have much confidence swinging anything off the tee boxes. I need to work on my driver and fairway woods because I can tell my swing is not the same as my irons. I find myself overswinging and not following through the same way. I also notice that repeated practice with my long woods throws off my iron swing. I'm planning on having my instructor work with me on the long woods tomorrow if it doesn't rain so we can figure out what my issues are.

Dispersion: While most of my iron hits were good, they were inconsistent, mostly in terms of distance. Some 8i hits went longer than my 5i. I have decent control over direction, but I'm not striking the ball the same which is causing different lofts and distance. It's hard to pick the right club when you don't have consistent distances with them. Something else to figure out with the instructor.

I'm intrigued by all that I'm reading about S&T;, mostly in the simplicity of the swing which would seem to result in more consistent hitting. I don't think my current instructor teaches it, at least he's never brought it up and doesn't have me utilizing any of the key elements of the pattern. I bought the book and have started to read it, maybe try it out to see how it feels this weekend at the range.

I am trying to get a swing engrained into my muscle memory since the season is ending shortly and I will have 3-4 months of layoff until the spring. I don't want to start over so I'm hoping that I can find an indoor range that I can at least hit some balls at once a week. This game is frustrating.

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    • The progressive wing of the Dem party hates Kaine. He is pro TPP and favors deregulation to wall street. However he brings in VA and has a solid record on many issues for moderate Dems.
      I would not be surprised if you see Bernie speak at the DNC. He will tell his supporters that even though HRC is not their first choice he (Bernie) will have a better chance of working with  her for their issues, than DT! I hear they are countering Baio with prime time slot speech from Erin Moran!!!!!
    • Newtogolf's post is important.  I do not like hanging around people that are used to having a staff.  I just went on a raft trip with a friend of almost 50 years.  We do our own trips, and it is important for everyone to pitch in as it is a lot of work for guys in their 60s.  My friend just retired from being a doctor, and never really figured out how to help for the good of the group. He kept wanting to consider himself a "guest."   That is after we had some long discussions about being part of the team.  He will not be invited back. I would not want to play golf with people that are used to having a caddy either.   
    • Most double bogies, especially from the average golfer don't come from "taking risks", they come from a poor swing that results in OB, water hazard, lost in the woods, whatever.  A decent player can still break 80 with a double or two for exactly that reason, it's only a couple of bad swings.   The reason that most golfers never break 80 is that they make a lot of those bad swings, that add up.  But even good golfers, who break 80 (or better) consistently, will have the occasional bad swing that will result in a penalty and subsequently a double, or worse.   Which is "harder" is a matter of skill level. For me, someone who, as the OP asked, is as likely to break 80 as not, if I had to bet on the result of any given round before the first tee, I'd bet that I break 80 over a DB free round of any score.  Higher handicap players will find the opposite.  Scratch or better players will seldom fail to break 80, but will still have their share of individual blowup holes.  They'll just use their superior play on the remaining 16 or 17 holes to offset the couple of bad swings. 
    • I don't know enough about his situation.  Maybe not immediately -- he wouldn't qualify for the PGA Championship or the FedEx Cup playoffs (you can't earn points as a non-member, which he is for this event).  But probably by end of summer to start the 2016-17 PGA Tour season as a member.  Unless I'm forgetting someone, he'd be the third amateur to win a PGA Tour event in my lifetime (Verplank, Mickelson). 
    • Thanks.  I figured I would have heard by now if it made a difference, but I'm glad to hear it just the same. I tee off in just over three hours for my first round with the game golf.  
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