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"Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson

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FWIW...This thread inspired me to go to Paul's sight again and watch some of his free lesson videos. As the old saying goes, "there's no such thing as bad press".

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Update: and it is not good (2 weeks ago)

Disaster.  I mean disaster and I don't think it was all of Paul Wilson's fault.  

I was still in on his swing, practicing at home and the range.  I then was watching a Be Better Swing video about lag and ...............

GOOD NIGHT sweet prince.  I could not hit a ball to save my life.  Shanks galore, hitting the ball off the hosel on woods.  I actually had a ball mark on my pitching wedge at the top of the toe!!

I shot 50 on the front of an easy course, just basically topping, thinning, shanking, fat, thin you name it.  I could do nothing right except put and chip or it would have been 65 easy.

The turn came, I got a bunch of beer and said screw it, I cannot do all this motion with my lower body.  There is just too much going on to feel comfortable.


39 on the back nine and I missed two easy 3 foot birdies.  I can't do it.

Two days later I played on another course and shot 80.  Eleven pars and missed so many birdie chances.  Here is the catch, I did not use Paul Wilson's swing.  I used part of it and I think is the most important part.

I will say not effortless arms but "Lazy arms" and just use your wrists to hinge.  That lower body twisting he teaches is just not for me.

The point he teaches about keeping your arms, meaning hitting at the ball is on point in my opinion.  I just cannot get his lower body theory into practice.  

Golf is a journey and there are no short cuts but I might take lessons from a PGA teacher who turned around one of my golfing mates from the high nineties to below par.  He has gone 68 twice since my 80 round.







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