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A little advice needed on SGI clubs(after problems).

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I'll try not to make this too long, but here goes. In Feb 2010, after alot of hard work and practice, I got my handicap to single digits(barely at 9.4). In March 2010, I had to put a sudden stop to golf due to injury, surgery, and work. I realized that the small amount of free time I had, was going to be devoted to my wife and kids. Now, I am healed and work is easier and less time consuming. The problem is, I can no longer swing like I did previously and will not be able too. I no longer have the hip and spine rotation that I did. Due to this my distances have dropped approx. 2 clubs from previous distances. I have put my beloved Titleist 990s in the golf closet for posterity and started gaming a set of Dunlops that I picked up at a yard sale. The Dunlops are pretty decent Adams/Callaway "clones" and have 2 hybrids that I am beginning to get the hang of. The problem with them is the consistency in the loft gaps and lies. I am planning on purchasing a set of SGI irons in the next couple of weeks and would like some advice/recommendations. The Adams A3OS and A7OS sets have caught my eye, particularly the price on the A3s. I have also looked at Nike Slingshot and Taylormade Burner Plus as well. I am sure I will gain a little flexibility back(no pun intended) with exercise, but I have no illusions of attaining previous abilities. Which set would ya'll recommend that would still allow for improvement? I plan on demoing these soon, but would still like a little input from the Sandtrappers.


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I can't vouch for the other clubs you mentioned but I started taking the game more seriously last summer.  So for this season I picked up a set of TM Burner Plus irons.  Hit a few different irons at Golf Galaxy before choosing these.  I had narrowed my choices down to the Burners Plus and the Cobra SG2 Max.  The launch monitor showed me as hitting the TM's a little further and straighter with the same clubhead speed so I opted for them.

Last year I played the most golf I had in a while and could not break 91 with my previous clubs.  Very frustrating.

So far I have played twice with them.  Shot 44 on Thursday and 85 (much to my delight) on Sunday.  Both at courses I had never played before.  I also am playing with a new driver, 3w and Hybrid, however in both rounds I did not really hit these clubs all that great, so I can attribute my lower score to my iron play.  Granted its early in the season but so far I have nothing bad to say about these irons.

They get the ball up in the air for me and the distance is really good too.  Also to get the distance I take a very slow tempo swing and it doesnt hurt my length.  I normally would have to take a club longer than my playing partners but I was able to use the same club as them on most holes.  These irons play about 5 yards longer than my previous Maxfli irons.

For a cheaper set (Around $399 in the shops, $299-349  online) I think they are really sharp looking.  Lots of compliments so far.

Not sure your price range but I would consider the Ping G10's or G15's, Cobra S2max (2010) or S3max (2011) or the Mizuno JPX800.
If length is what you are after though the Pings seems get the ball up higher which you can lose distance.  That is what happened to me on the launch monitor.  I was already a club shorter than most so I removed them from the list.


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If you have rehabbed and still have physical restrictions, you might want get a physical analysis by a Titleist Performance Institute trainer. TPI trainers can help you...

  • develop exercises to improve your strength and flexibility
  • help you alter your swing plane to maximize what you have

One of our fellow Trappers is a TPI guy, and has offered to answer questions on TPI fitness routines. Here's his posting from a few weeks ago:


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    • Thanks for the welcome!
    • Hello,

      I'm here to try and learn how to play golf but in order to do that, I feel that I need to lose weight, with the advice of others helping me along the way.

      I'm currently about 18st 6lb, and at 5ft 8, it certainly isn't "healthy" at all. That's mainly because with my job it means sitting around at a desk for 8 and a bit hours, before going back to the hotel and eating "bad" food, meaning next to no exercise at all.

      I'm looking for hints and tips along the way. I've had a look at 'My Protein', which suggests having 3 meals (breakfast, dinner and tea) along with 2 protein shakes a day. Normally, my meals are high carbohydrates and fat too which won't help at all.

      Does anyone recommend the Weight Loss bundle found on My Protein? It comes with one Diet Whey Protein, CLA, Thermopure, Omega 3 and Daily Vitamins. The last 4 are all capsules. (Tried posting link but because I'm new it won't let me).

      Would that help? What exercise do you suggest?

      The more advice the better to be honest. It'll all help.

    • Hey guys,   I'm sold on doing an Edel putter fitting soon but all the places that fit near me only do the E-Series torque balanced putters and not the classic line. My question is, am I missing out by not having the opportunity to fit for a classic style putter? Also what are you opinions between the torque balanced (toe up) design compared to the classic? The torque balanced seems a little unconventional since it's new but I have the preconceived notion to go with the classic line because I'm not sure how tried and true the torque balanced and toe up truly is.    
    • Still failing at making any progress in getting the weight forward. Slowing down to the point of using 2 clubs more didn't even work. Finally took some video and sure enough, same old shit - weight way back at impact. The only upside is that I'm still committed to making this one key a permanent part of my swing. If I have to play like this all of next year then so be it.
    • I see three main arguments against a national popular vote. One is the federalism issue that has been brought up already; I don't think that makes a strong case for why the Electoral College is better. A second argument to make is that if the presidency was decided by a popular vote, candidates would have little incentive to campaign outside of major population centers, and that issues that are important to more rural parts of the country would be ignored. That's a slightly better argument than the federalist one: the rebuttal would be that campaigns would just spend more money to make up the geographic difference, but making presidential campaigns even more expensive is not a particularly positive outcome, either. In my mind, the biggest point is that a candidate winning the popular vote while losing the Electoral College is a very uncommon occurrence; it's happened only four times in American history. None of those cases indicate a structural failure of the Electoral College, which I'd define as an election where a candidate who wins the popular vote by a clear margin (at least one percentage point, if not two) with either a majority or a high-40s plurality, but loses the electoral vote by a not-close margin in the tipping point states. A multi-candidate, regionalized election like 1824 would require a runoff for legitimacy, while a coin-flip election like 1888 or 2000 would trigger nationwide recounts and legal challenges that would make Bush v. Gore seem quaint.
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