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New Clubs AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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mtnbiker5    1

I need serious help. Well, maybe not all that serious.  I have Callaway X18's which to be honest, I love em.  I tried the Callaway Razr X Forged the other day.  I loved them.  Heres my problem, I'm sick and tired of going into golf galaxy (no offense) and hitting into an animated wall.  I'm not a member of a private club.  10 handicap.  I live in NJ.  I really wish I could try other clubs, Titleist, Ping, etc, and just compare apples to apples and see what the ball action is doing.  Same with a new driver.  Loved the new Ping i20 driver.  I just cant see dropping over 1k on new clubs.  Does anyone know of a good place in northern NJ to demo clubs out on a range somewhere?  Finally, when do the manufacturers normally come out with the 2013's?  I read somewhere that Callaway is coming out with some new forged irons in 2013 that are supposed to be incredible.  Rumor?   Thanks everyone.

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Fore Left    2

Who told you that these new irons were going to be incredible?   The company trying to sell them?   Either way,  at a 10 handicap,  which is nothing to to scoff at for sure,   I'm curious why you would want to wait for the 'newest thing'  vs. buying this year's models when they go on sale when they roll out the next best thing.

At a 10 Handicap I'd just focus on a nice set of forged blades,  and then get through the growing pains with them,  and there isn't going to be much in the way of 'improvements'  of forged irons next year vs. 3 years ago.

I like Mizuno but I don't own them.

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mtnbiker5    1

I think I read in Golf mag.  Said these new forged callaways are comin for 2013.  I dunno, i dont really care at this point.  I just want to take 2-3 different irons, all forged out and just compare apples to apples. Frustrating going to golf galaxy and hitting into a wall all the time.  You cant see the ball action at all.  I'm curious about lining up the Callaway Razr forged against the Titleist.  Ping i20's which so many people were raving about, to be honest I thought were nothing to write home about.  Forgiving yes, but so are my X18's hence why I want to move.  I'm looking for a little more juice.

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Motley01    26

Hmm. I went to Titleist website, and found the demo days events.

They didn't have anything for NJ, but I found one in NY. Take a road trip?

7/14/2012 Long Island National Golf Club Titleist Fitting Days CUTCHOGUE NY 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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    • Not an individual tournament but with a partner(s), sure. Even if it's another low handicapper we can compete if we play well but most likely won't win. I agree with you what you're saying. Most of the club tournaments I play in have a gross division so it's not a big deal. One tournament where I've seen low handicappers have an advantage is a format where teams are divided into flights based on combined handicap. If you win that flight you play against the winners of the other flights in a horserace where strokes are greatly reduced. Most of the horse races I've seen or been a part of of are won by teams from the first two flights, the lower handicap flights.
    • Checked if my shoulders were too flat in a mirror. Apparently not as bad as I thought. I'd like to be more conscious of it before tomorrow's lesson. Going to do a bunch of slow movements through the evening and tomorrow morning then progressively speed up and see if everything still looks reasonable with a full speed swing. . .
    • I've never actually met a golfer who swings differently when under pressure, that is, if he can swing to his handicap at all? Golf starts with a good swing, without that you've got no game.   Yes, but the player is dialing things in at a range. On the course everything is much harder because you only hit any club once per 10 to 15 minutes or something like that.   There's no mental aspect when you have a chance to hit ball after ball successively from the shortest club to the longest one. On the range you're dialed in. That's why many people hit well on the range and not so well on the course.   If you do this with a proper swing, then I'd imagine yes. You'd have a good swing. That good swing in turn will give you more confidence than any sort of motivational speech.   I've never been able to will the ball to go where I want it to, and don't know anyone who can do that without the physical training required to develop a decent swing.
    • This.  Over the years we've heard so much about golf and sports being mental but where are the great tips and instruction on the mental side of the game?  I've read some books on the subject but so far not by anyone who sounded like they actually played golf.  Here's one mental thing that I've done to help my game, imo:   While getting into my address position I look long at my target, glance at the ball to get feet and ball position aligned.  One more good look at the target and when I look back to the ball I begin my swing almost immediately.  This keeps tension from creeping into my muscles by staying too long at address thinking about too many things.  It also seems to help me stay more alert during the swing, rather than getting all tense and just hitting a start/panic button.  To me, this is part of the mental game and is one way the mind can make a huge difference in shot result.
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