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Is upgrading really worth it?

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I have recently gotten back into the swing of things and started playing more and more golf.  I used to play about 3 times a week in high school and played on my school team.  I then joined the military and the golfing pretting much stopped.  So, the question is....I have a Callaway Diablo Octane driver and have had my eye on the new Cleveland Classic driver.  I have always been a fan of Cleveland irons but don't know much about their drivers.  I also understand that my current driver is not very old and don't know if I would benefit from spending the additional $250-300 for a new one.  Thanks!

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Unless you are going from a Driver that does NOT fit you to one that DOES fit you then it is a waste performance wise. Of course having something you like is never a waste so if you have the money and want it then get it.

I've had 4 drivers in my life. First was a Lynx driver that came with a set (crap) but got me playing. Second was a TM 580XD that I bought off the shelf because it was the biggest I could find and me want hit ball far. Third was TM '07 Burner. For the first time I actually hit a few drivers first and picked this one but there was no fitting. Finally I got tired of sucking and did a fitting. I settled on a TM R9 Supertri and the rest is history. I now have it set up exactly the way I want it (movable weights and adjustable face angle) and for the first time I can say that is was a well spent $300.

So the moral of the story is if you don't get fit, understand that unless you get lucky (new club just happens to fit you better) then the money spent is only for your personal satisfaction that you have the Driver you want. If you are looking for performance improvement, do a fitting, get the right flex (easiest part), face angle, loft, kick point, center of gravity etc etc etc. Keep in mind though that the fitting may result in a recommendation of a club other than what you "want" so align your purchase with what matters most: Performance or Personal Satisfaction.

Good Luck!

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I have never been fit for a club.  Always wanted to and always intended to but now I am staioned in South Dakota and as far as I know there is nowhere around here to get fitted.  I have always hit standard clubs well but would love to see the difference in getting some specially fitted clubs.  I hope to be able to do this from Drive all the way down as soon as I can save up enough for a whole new set.  What I have is not horrible just always looking for what could be better.  I currently play Callaway diablo octane driver and woods with Cleveland TA7 irons.

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    • What has changed? The length-lie dependency has been removed by changing color code bands to an “S-shape”. Each color code has a fixed lie angle irrespective of club length. This removes the need for converting color codes when using non-standard-length clubs with the AFS system. Color codes have moved to 1° increments to simplify lie-angle offerings. Yellow and Purple color codes have been removed. Updated length recommendations better align static recommendations with dynamic fitting results. Height columns are now scaled for easier use and overlaps are removed. How is it more precise? By analyzing over 20,000 fittings from our nFlight database, combined with years of research, we have made data-driven changes to better align static and dynamic fittings, particularly with respect to players’ length recommendations. 75% of players will fit to a dynamic color code within one of the new static recommendation compared to 70% previously, while 95% will fit within two color codes compared to 90% on the previous color code system. How is it simpler? Removing the length-lie dependency eliminates the need to convert color codes when building AFS heads at over/under standard length. It also removes the need to convert back when ordering clubs at over/under standard length after a fitting using our AFS system. Removing height overlaps and scaling eliminates ambiguity. Plotting height and wrist-to-floor measurements for a static recommendation is more intuitive.
    • I get down to the Phoenix are 3 or 4 times a year and golf everytime.   it all really depends on what time of year you go.  If its summer, you can get on anywhere for a decent price.  If it's winter you've got to look around to find something decent and affordable.   without regard to price, my favorites are:  Greyhawk (both courses equally)
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    • I agree with this. A "quiet end" of the driving range would be great for me. When I was in college I never could understand those people who could watch TV and do homework, or listen to music while they study.. I always needed to be in the quiet part of the library to get anything done.   
    • You can get something in the middle, a little forgiveness, a little playability. Something like the Titleist AP3 or the Ping i-series, or even the Callaway Epic. You don't have to go straight blade to get some playability.
    • I voted one, but I am not really sure it's  even a swing thought. My final thought is I want the ball to land in a chosen area, out there. Those landing areas get smaller the closer I get to the hole.  Once I pick a landing area, I just walk up, set up, swing, and hit the ball. This is pretty much the same scenario when I practice. I just swing the club with out thinking about it. I either hit a decent shot, or I don't. No big deal. Once it's done, unless it's really great shot, it's forgotten about, and I am on to the next shot. 
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