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Hello from Northern Virginia

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Hello golfers.  My name is Philip and I'm a very very bad golfer in northern virginia USA.  Currently I'm doing a lot of business travel that takes me to the Gulf Coast.  I'm staying on the North Shore and am near Slidell every other weekend.  I've decided to work on my pathetic golf game while I'm here.  I'm a rank beginner, never broken 120.

I played today with someone good (he had a lot of patience - I suggested he play through without me, but he hung in there with all my bad shots).  Anyway, I think I need clubs if I want to get any better.  I played my local course here with the rental clubs and did better than with my clubs.  Mine are hand-me-downs that are very very old.  My irons are MacGregor from the 70s.  My 3 wood is actually wood, my driver is a cheap titanium driver from about 12 years ago.  Putter is an old style, I don't know the term.

I have taken lessons, and kind of know what I should be doing (The gentlemen I was playing with did say "I can see you've taken lessons" on one of my better shots).  I don't know enough about golf to know whether I really need clubs or not.  My partner today seemed to think that my clubs where severely hampering my game, and I don't think I'd even know better.  I don't really have a budget for any clubs, so I'd be looking in the classifieds here or eBay or elsewhere for something.

Well, anyway, I had a very few really good shots today, enough to keep me coming out for this I think.  I don't know how much I'll be reading this forum, but I figured I'd look for something like this.  Thanks for reading, any advice is appreciated.


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Well, I went and did it - bought a set of modern Wilson clubs to replace the museum pieces I was using for myself for Christmas.   Unfortunately it will be a week or so before I can get out with them.  The bag that came with the kit was not as nice as the Calloway bag I already had, so I put the old clubs in the Wilson bag and it's going to my brother who hopefully will now play with me since we both have clubs.


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    • I would say over multiple days the lower handicapper would have an advantage. But in a one day tournament, the higher handicappers, will typically win the low net in a tournament.  Especially if there are lots of them. I'm in the worst of boats in most touaments, I shoot from 74-82 most days, typically around 77. With my 5-6 handicap I'm usually not low enough to win a gross event nor will my net score be low enough to overcome someone who will be more than 3 or 4 under net.  but luckily most of our club tournaments are flighted so I have a better chance. But the group I play in on the weekends, all have similar handicaps and we play our money matches with no strokes. Which is preferable to me.        
    • Now that colder temps are approaching, although weather seems to go up and down lately, what does everyone do to keep warm when playing? That is, if you play. And why not plan a trip to a warmer clime, let's say Florida, California, Oregon, Texas, the Southeast, and Southwest, so you can get your golf fix. But even in those climes, the weather is liable to get chili, wet, and windy. What I typically do is layer, so as conditions change, the clothes change during a round. Over the years, I've accumulated "stuff" for winter/spring golf. I found a merino wool baselayer top, and also have a polyester baselayer, over that I will use a heavier polo like State Apparel, then a lambswool pullover zip sweater (proquipgolfusa), and a goretex shell. For pants, why not cords? I also use State Apparel pants - a heavier poly pant with places to wipe off mud and some water resistance. I found a pair of Adidas Thermo golf shoes last year. I pack a winter beanie, a bucket hat for rain, and Footjoy Winter and Callaway Rain Gloves - whatever was on sale at the time. For socks, I go wool - Kentwool. I am ready for Bandon .... just need a game. lol. What works for you? Plan that trip, if possible, so you get a golf break from old man Winter.
    • The new i blades are pretty cool looking and do not have the shovel look to them.  Also cool but not new are the S55's.  I am a Ping guy but have branched out and really like my Miura's and Mizuno's. Go browsing and see what looks good to you, then see what you hit good out of those and then it will be up to you on get some new irons or stay with the trusty G2's. Good luck on your search and keep us posted.
    • I'm sure this is a minor complaint, but the printing on the costco ball is kind of crummy looking. 
    • Like @CarlSpackler said Ping has the color chart system. You said you have black dots? You can take your own measurements at home and see if if the length and lie are correct for you. It's an inexpensive way to do it. Length and lie are pretty cheap fixes to make.  To answer your question simply, no I don't think you're missing out with old irons. My first set of irons (which I still have as backups) were from the 1990's. The only reason I upgraded was because the lofts on the modern irons are much stronger, and it allowed me to get rid of the 4-iron.    
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