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Hello everyone.

I was wondering, when any of you golfers here are choosing new equipment to buy, do any of you stay loyal to a brand? Or do you simply read reviews to find the best piece of the type of equipment you're looking for?

Personally, as you can tell from the bag in my signature, I'm all over the place brand-wise. However, I don't know if it has to do with my age or not, but I keep going through these phases where I'll think something like, "God! TaylorMade products are so cool!" But then the next week, it'll be "Wow! I want some Ping irons!" But of course I never have the money to get any of those. Thank heavens I'm not rich or else I'd have every set of clubs you can imagine.
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Since ive started golfing ive usually stuck to brands that have worked for me. Cleveland and Taylormade, and Cobra drivers. Im not against other brands though, but these just have always worked for me.
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For me, Cobra's irons fit the price range I was in coming into the game and I loved them so much I just stuck with the brand. Found a great driver for me from them, loved the Baffler as well. I think for most, a particular brand becomes the first resort, and for me at least the price and quality are right so I don't feel I need to look any further.
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When looking for new equipment I tend to start with brands I have had good results from in the past. However my current irons came from a company I had never purchased from before. I think that improving golfers owe it to themselves to read the reviews and try equipment from various sources. I have used various Tour edge, Cobra, and Taylor Made clubs along with mostly Ping putters and Cleveland wedges.
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Whenever I was about to buy clubs, I've always gone to review sites, but they were all either all perfect ratings or just all too positive and with no downfalls of any clubs or other products I was going to buy.

Where do you read reviews if you're not heading to one brand automatically?
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I am loyal to Nike for apparel, Callaway for woods and Ping/Titleist for irons!
I suppose if I had the perfect swing I could play with anything (or play whatever equipment from the sponsor that paid me the most) but since I am terrible, I might as well have all the best gear I can afford!
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If nothing else, I like the comfort of knowing I can blame only myself and not my clubs for my lousy game :)

Yeah, I like having that in my clubs, confidence enough that if I make a bad shot it's my fault.

Only problem is, I'm so down on my Top Flite irons that I tend to blame errors on them. Some of them actually are, but they're are mostly mine. That is why I would really like some R7, Ping G5, or Cobra FP irons.
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As you can see in my sig, I'm Callaway crazy! My first set of "real" clubs that my dad bought me were Callaways. Ever since then, I've been pretty loyal. Plus they have a trade in trade up program, so I can buy newer equipment and get decent money for my old stuff.
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For me, I'm all over the place, but I really like Taylormade's clubs and Titleist balls.

It's also about price range. My SW is from my very first set, and my LW was on sale for $30. Being 14 w/ no job is quite annoying when you play golf.
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Being 14 w/ no job is quite annoying when you play golf.

I hear you there buddy.

Luckily and yet unluckily for me, I have a few opportunities to get jobs, which if I do get one will mean a source of income for me, however it will all be going very quickly towards golf!
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