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Putter Chatter Cleanup?

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I lost my putter cover during a round towards the end of last season, and didn't replace it until it was too late... now my beautiful Bettinardi has some little ding marks on the top edge that my eyes actually focus on when I am aligning my putts.

Anyone have any ideas how to clean it up or who to send it to and how much it may cost?


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You have a couple of options.

1. Send the putter to a restoration company, there are several to choose from.

Google - refinishing Bettinardi putters.

They would certainly offer a guarantee on their service and it would look like new again.

Probably a pricey option.

Check out - www. /forums/topic/4332- bettinardi -refinish

www. /products/ refinish.php

2. There are methods of restoring small blemishes on metals.

You can find a lot of information search " gun bluing"

An inexpensive procedure would be to first try applying a touch up finish such as either of the following products.

The Birchwood Casey Presto Gun Blue Pen is a fast and easy way to apply a blue black finish to your carbon steel firearm. The non-drip, no mess felt tip applicator quickly fixes bluing nicks and wear. Will not work on stainless, aluminum or other non-ferrous metals.


The Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Finish is a room temperature chemical that is used to touch-up worn areas on carbon steel. The final color is a blue - black and will darken with additional applications. As with all chemicals, care should be taken and protective gloves and eye wear should be used. 3 oz.

If the chatter has deep impressions, you could try using a very fine mill file to remove the raised dings.

Finish off with a scouring pad using it lightly on the damaged surface.

I would suggest practicing first on an old forged club, to see your results.

Club Rat


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    • For those who don't know, for my actual "job," I am a professional photographer. I recently picked up a few putters from a now out-of-business company called PLOP, and they are just gorgeous putters, so I had to photograph them and I wanted to share. I was looking for a center shafted putter, as it was what I was fit into. Unfortunately I can't stand the look of center shafted putters so every one I've ever tried was just not an option. That is, until I found an old (what would be original version) of a putter my grandfather had in his bag called a PLOP. I looked up this particular brand and found that it was no longer in business, but best of all, the owner/inventor of the putter made what he calls a CSH putter, that is Center shafted hosel, but the hosel is "floated" through the heel end of the putter, still welded and attached to the center. Even better, he was selling the rest of what he had milled on Ebay, including a few special putters. So I get to look down at what is a blade style, while still having my center shafted putter. It was a downright bargain for a milled putter, too.  I have in photography what we call GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), and sadly it translates to golf, too. I ended up buying 3 putters. One is a very wonderful black PVD finish, and the other is a nickel PVD finish that was tour-stamped, both very limited editions. I will do my best to photograph these and upload at some point, too.  In any case, I wanted to share a few of the images here. Unfortunately I can't upload the full size quality files but hopefully everyone enjoys a few of these. On a side note, golf clubs are actually extremely fun photographic subjects.  (Wasn't sure if this would fall under "clubs," but I thought it was more of a golf story/tidbit with the pictures. When I find the time to sit down and create a blog, I can put them there.) Feedback welcome, of course.   -Andrew.
    • I was about to ask what the birdie conversion rate was at the Barclays, to you know, get back on topic !
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