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srixon z-star or bridgestone tour b330 rx

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Na5carr3    0
For me the Bridgstone 330`s are much softer with more feel around the green. The e series all suck IMHO. The Srixon`s to me tend to have the same feel as the e series Bridgestone`s do. All of them!

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I do a few wedge bounces with each ball that I try to get a "feel" for them.  The Z-Star was the softest of the Pro V1x, Taylor Made TP5, Callaway Hex (Chrome and Black).  As far as the B-330 series I can't make an accurate comparison.  I can definitely say that they are much softer than the e5, e6 and e7.

Sorry that I can't help any more.

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    • thats only about 10 mins away from where I live! Ducks is a nice wee pub ( although I must say I havn't tried the food there) and Aberlady a beautiful wee village witha great links course 'Kilspindie'-a bit of a hidden gem. further on in Gullane you have another great pub ( plus 4 courses!) called funny enough the 'Golf inn' which does great food and good entertainment. North Berwick is also worth a visit for a day ( plus 2 more courses!). Finally remember that musselburgh ( aprox 25 min drive) is recorded as having  the oldest course in the world. Hope ths helps
    • Yeah. I see that now. I sometimes quote a few posts and then respond to them, forgetting what the quoted post was quoting originally (i.e. I quoted and responded to what Dave wrote, but forgot the specifics of what he'd quoted that you wrote). But to be clear, you can overlook a rules breach by an opponent even if you lose the hole. Just don't actually agree to letting the match stand that way (unless it would not have affected the score on the hole). Match play is weird here. The Committee has an interest in promoting GOLF as the game being played, not just allowing people to agree to halve the holes they want to skip for fear of losing golf balls or being stuck behind a slow group or something. But anyway, without actual agreement, 1-3 doesn't really come into play. You can overlook a breach. It only affects you. 1-3 is in place because if you decide to play a sport that isn't golf (by agreeing to modify/ignore rules), the Committee and the rest of the tournament IS affected.
    • I read about 7 pages of the comments on this interesting topics, but not all (yet), so forgive me if I am duplicating something already said. I voted that physical is most important to golf and I agree that it is most important by far. But,what good players view as physical, and I don't blame them for viewing this as such, can also largely be a mental issue for less skilled players. Things that are automatic for some, are not yet so for others and they need to think about those first, or they don't have a chance... I won't compare a player to another one, but instead one player (namely me) at different times, yet in similar conditions. * Can someone tell me why I shot 75 and 111 less than a week apart (the 111 was on a more difficult course but still... it was the highest score in probably 8-10 years for me)? I was the same guy with the same physical abilities, but I made really poor choices, compounded errors with more errors and in the process lost the swing completely: shanks, tops, thins, etc... The silver lining was putting which is and remained my strength, even on that day...  * Can someone tell me why the first time my name was called on a tee box in an official Norcal (NCGA) tournament, I was shaking so badly, I nearly whiffed my drive which ended in a terrible spot, causing me to re-tee? It's some form of pressure, one I was totally unfamiliar with and which no longer affects me that badly. However, even at the highest level in golf, think Ryder Cup, the first tee shot is the most nerve wracking shot, for most people. You might say pressure is physical (tension, shaking, sweating, etc...), but it is controlled by the mind and by experience, so one can train for it, to some extent: breathing exercises, putting drills that force you to hole out x shots in a row or you start from scratch, playing worst ball with oneself, for example... * Can someone tell me why in casual rounds and less so in competitive rounds, I sometimes forget my pre-shot routine and don't put myself behind the ball and then step in, but rather just step in and hit a great shot, 10 degrees offline to the left? Lack of focus and/or discipline, which is a mental error, leading to a physical one (being lined up wrong) * Can someone tell me why, all of sudden, I completely lost any ability I previously had to hit fairway woods (there is another thread in "Instruction and Playing Tips" about this? I think I finally got it back, and while the practical cause is physical, the real root of the problem is mental. Not checking the ball position, hanging back because of it and losing balance (to my heels) in the process. All physical problems that can be overcome by an assertive mind. Also, what about the power of visualization? Look at Jason Day actively and consciously closing his eyes prior to any swing. Also, do you see in your mind the line a well struck putt is going to take? I do, and unless my read is completely off (it happens once in a while, or the putt flattens at the hole and I didn't read that), for the most part that's what happens. There is no doubt that our conscious and unconscious mind drives all physical activity and perhaps we qualify everything unconscious as physical and the swing certainly is too fast to consciously drive it in its minute details, but the conscious mind also has a role in controlling the outcome. YMMV.
    • Sir Charles can swing this way now too. .his mental game is so strong he doesn't need both hands. (sorry ... couldn't help it)
    • A friend is planning, I think he's booked us at the Duck's in Aberlady.  I know its a small village, but do you have any comments?  
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