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Unplayable Lie/Drop/Loose impediment Questions

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3 Questions-

1.  Watching Snedeker and Lingmerth today on #12, I was wondering what would happen if their ball moved while they were removing loose impediments and they then opted to take an unplayable- Am I correct to assume that they would still have to count the penalty stroke for causing the ball to move even if they then decided to pick it up and take a penalty stroke for an unplayable lie?

While trying to figure out the above, I noticed that under the unplayable lie rule you are entitled to take up to 2 club lengths, drop, watch your ball roll back to its original position before you picked it up and NOT be able to re-drop in some circumstances (without taking a 2nd penalty stroke for the 2nd unplayable lie drop)

2.  Is there a way to protect yourself from having the ball roll back to its original position (and thus taking a one stroke penalty without receiving any benefit)?  i.e. The drop rule says there is no penalty for hitting equipment with the ball during the drop- can you lay your bag down to prevent the ball from rolling back to the original position from which you are seeking relief?

3.  Suppose you feel that your best option from an unplayable situation is to drop 3-4 club lengths laterally from where your ball lies under penalty of two strokes.  Do you have to take 2 separate drops and hope the ball does not roll back towards the unplayable lie or are you allowed to take 4 club lengths (2 shot penalty) and only a single drop?


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1) Yes

2) No

3) 2 Drops

There is always option 28a (replay the stroke from the previous spot) and 28b (drop on an extended "flag line")


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Just started a new thread.  BALL MOVED! Seriously Snedekers's ball move.  Check the tapes.  See new post under rules.  If you thought it moved you are right.  Someone hit that big log and the ball rotated about 1/64th of an inch. Replay verifies.  Now what is the rule?


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It depends on a) who caused it to move and b) if it was the player, could he have been aware it moved.


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