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Golf in Chicago

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I am going to travel to Chicago at the beginning of September and I was wondering if you could recommend any golf courses?


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Not exactly sure yet, the postcode is 60604, not sure if that helps, it should be quite central, close to the harbor.

And I might need to go by cab and rent the clubs as well.

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Originally Posted by ruufiyo

Not exactly sure yet, the postcode is 60604, not sure if that helps, it should be quite central, close to the harbor.

And I might need to go by cab and rent the clubs as well.

Send member jimmyc a PM.  He is from the Chicago area should know some good spots.

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Good place to start your search is Harborside. Close to downtown (about as close as anyplace will be) and very nice. Not sure about clubs and getting there. Maybe your hotel can arrange best transportation option. Note that in Chicago, "limousines" are sometimes the cheapest way to get somewhere not just a fancy way. Since Harborside is still in Chicago proper, and your staying in or near "the loop," a taxi may be the way to go. Again, your hotel may be able to guide you toward the best way.


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Coming from downtown [post code 60604] Harborside is probably the best overall bet.

Just played it last weekend.

Not sure about club rentals at any of the suggested places.

Another suggestion Marovitz. only 9 holes.

I have heard pace of play may be slow at times, but is close by


Nearby driving range


Two possible suggestions by Metra train, without a car this may be an idea.

18 hole Donald Ross classic

9 hole course, first course ever built in Chicago area.

Last suggestions if you are near the airport

White Pines, Oak Meadows, Maple Meadows.


Here's a good taxi service for getting around the suburbs or to and from the airport from the suburbs.


Getting to some of the fine courses in the outlying areas may be difficult with out a car or quite expensive by cab.

Feel free to PM me, If I have a day off, I'll show you around, maybe catch a round with you if you are interested.

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Hi guys,

thanks a lot for all the info, I finally got the details now. I will be staying near the loop, so I guess that is pretty close to the Harborside Golf courses. Really looking forward to seeing this city for the first time and having a chance to play some golf at the same time :-)

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Thanks for all the recommendations, I went to Harbor Side International and played the Port course. What a great course that is, especially with all the wind blowing on Saturday. I was paired with a threesome (lawyers from the US) and had a great time (after shanking my 1st drive and the breakfast ball 5 meters to the same spot in the bushes...). Golf seems to be much more relaxed and easy going compared to some rounds you can have in Germany. Will play there again for sure, in case I will be back to Chicago (but going to bring my own clubs next time...2 inches can really make a difference)!

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    • Here's what happened and why I ask the question. I have a brother-in-law same age as me (68) with no hobbies what so ever. He's a stock & bond broker with no outside interests at all. He doesn't collect stamps, he's not a wood worker, he doesn't play tennis, he doesn't do anything but work, work, work. He won't even sit down and read a book. (He claims he doesn't have the patience.) He has no interests other than the stock and bond markets and he's incapable of relaxing. He's also very, very uncoordinated, but nevertheless, a very nice guy. Golf would not be a good thing for him. He has come to me several times over the years and said, "I don't know how I'm ever going to retire because I won't know what do do with myself. Maybe I'll take up golf! You'll teach me!" And I said, "I will not teach you, I can't teach you because I'm not an instructor. You'll need to buy a set of real clubs, not the couple of old irons you have in your garage, and take lessons from a teaching pro." I did play golf with him once, maybe 10 or 15 years ago. He had a couple of mismatched irons, one ancient 3 wood with loose whipping and a putter all from, I'm pretty sure, from the Salvation Army store and he insisted on teeing up every shot, even ones from the fairway. If I say he shot somewhere between 140 and 160 (not counting the whiffs) I'm being charitable. We walked the 18 holes that day and it nearly killed him. When we were done he was totally drained and I actually thought he was going to have a heart attack. I also said to him, "You've managed to live 60 some years without golf, why start now? It will only frustrate you and drive you crazy." Then I jokingly, said to him, "It's too late for me...I'm hooked, but I can save you!" He mentioned it to me again recently so, in the interests of "growing the game" do I encourage him to buy clubs and take lessons or should I continue to try suggesting other things for him to do? (He does have a mammoth wine collection.). I really want to discourage him because knowing him like I do, golf will not make him happy. Also, selfishly, I don't want to play with hm again. That round 15 years ago took over 6 hours to play and there were many groups stacked up behind us cursing and yelling and we were being hounded by the rangers. It was awful.      
    • My first question is . Did you do all three exercises and how did you do ? This is meant as a fun test to see how ones' balance and core is. It is not meant to build anything. There are many exercises that progressively work up to addressing the entire body that help one hit the ball better, but that is not what this is all about. Thanks for your input. 
    • Thanks Lihu..I dont hate it, I just dont have fun playing ...so the interest isnt there any longer...I am still a golf fan..just not a player..
    • Hello everyone. I’m brand new (about a month) to golf, and I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks. I figured it was about time to join!    I look forward to getting to know y’all!
    • I have a distant cousin who tried it and even forced me to go to the driving range a few times long before I was into playing. I found it stupid and not worth my time, but did it just to keep him company. He never got the hang of it, quit then 6 years later my kids got into it and my archery range virtually shut down so I started playing golf with them. My cousin hates it just like you, and I started out thinking this is the dumbest activity ever made but now enjoy it. You never know what’s in your future, just take a break from it. We’ll be here, or, at least some of us.
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