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First round back...

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Was not as good as I'd hoped, but not as bad as it might have been.  After a 16 month layoff, I didn't know what to expect, since Ive never had that long without playing in the 40 years I've played the game.  We played at Grand Elk Golf Club in Granby CO, a Craig Stadler design that weaves through a wetland valley in the mountains.  I had only played the course once before, 2 years ago.  Despite being in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, there isn't much elevation change, but as you might expect, hazard and unplayable areas of rough were in play on every hole.  Lots of opportunities to fail.

To break my long fast from golf, I hit about a dozen ball on the range to warm up, putted for about 5 minutes, and I was ready to hit the tee.  That is more than I usually do, but I needed to get reacquainted with my clubs.  First tee shot (we played the white tees, first set forward of the tips) I pulled left but still in play and we were off.  Along the way I hit some real clunkers, but I played a few shots quite well too.  Ended up losing 4 balls, didn't make my first par until the 10th hole.  I shot 49 on the front, and then was doing okay on the back until we got the strong winds from a thunderstorm south of the course.  After all pars and bogies on the back, I dunked a tee shot into a lake and made double on 17, then on 18, 421 yard par 4 dead into a 30mph wind, I 4 putted for an 11 to kill the round.  9 over on the last 2 holes. Still broke 100 with a smooth 99.

It was still good to be back.  My body hurts this morning because it seems that golf uses muscles that you don't use much for anything else, and at 66 my body isn't as resilient as it once was, but we are headed out to Keystone Ranch today for the next try.  I have just one goal... to play better than yesterday.


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For a long layoff and really just 2 bad holes - I think that is really good.

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    • I have decided to upgrade my clubs.  I live in Jacksonville, so I visited MasterFit in Orange Park.   The person I talked to in the store said they have been in business for over 20 years.   He showed me the swing monitors, a whole bunch of charts and graphs from the previous fitting session, showing clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, the flex in the shaft, so on and so forth.  It appears to be a very professional and experienced fitting company.  The prices seem very reasonable for a set of irons, ranging from around $400 to around $800, depending on what kind of shaft, head, etc.  Here is my question.    What they sell is their own private label club heads.   They aren't Mizuno, Titleist, etc. clubs.   They are MasterFit clubs.  Are these private label clubs as good as brand name clubs?    
    • Using stats from last 12 rounds (since I started using Swing x Swing), I'm at a dismal 7%. But...I'm confident this will improve.
    • I always use Swing x Swing for the statistical feedback so it keeps track for me.  When playing with buddies and there's a friendly wager at stake, I will also keep traditional scorecard for all parties so that it's all transparent and easily reviewable by all.
    • well since 2013, i've been messing around with the Maxfli U series balls..  started with the U2,  cuz i had a nasty slice lol..   tried the U3's and U4's both had bad results cuz i still had a awful slice...  then in 2015, i tried the Maxfli Softfli figuring if i worked on slowing my swing down and just making better contact, i'd get straighter drives / keep the ball in play  and lower my scores...   while at first it didnt happen....  this summer has been a world of difference.... So this summer i started out just working on keeping my swing short and making good contact... which has worked wonders!!   i was still using the SoftFli, and hitting my drives a lot straighter and longer..  my iron shots also ended up being better too...     but then my issue became stopping the ball on the green.. cuz i was hitting a lot of greens but having the ball roll off or i'd go past the pin, but no backspin..     So today, i decided to try some of the U6lc balls i bought last summer...  and i dont know if they are any longer or shorter off the driver or even the irons..didnt notice anything...   i did lose 2..  1 cuz i grabbed the wrong wedge lol  56-12 on a tight lie and shanked one off into the tree's...  and 2nd ball i tried to cut across a small dogleg right... and sliced the ball into a corn field lol...    but this ball was awesome on iron and wedge shots..  had several wedge shots, where i spun the ball back..  had a 7iron on a par 3, that i spun the ball back too...    so for green side shots, this ball surprised me alot..  i have tried playing PRoV's and the U4's in the past but my short game wasnt great so i didnt get the good short game control..     But for someone looking for a good " Tour Type " of ball at a reasonable price, look into the U6's    i plan on using the U6's for a long time!!      hopefully they dont discontiue these anytime soon  
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