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My Swing (Gophinmedic)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 3 Years

My current handicap index or average score is: bouncing beween 78-82

My typical ball flight is: High

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Fat shots/weak driver

Any input is appreciated, im trying to create more lag and I feel I could improve my distance, (typically 240-260 with the driver)



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Get a little more weight forward at impact. Your slightly spinning you hips to fast, instead of getting a lateral shift with your hips. This is causing you to loose the wrist hinge to early in the downswing. I paused it were your clubhead was around your right foot, and it was inline with your arm to your shoulder, that position needs to be at impact.

So, more weight forward, and hands inline with clubhead and shoulder at impact. Try to maintain a bit more flex in your left leg through impact.

Check out the 5 keys video thread, and look videos relating to flat left wrist and weight forward.

Couldn't tell much from the backswing, but your head doesn't move much, and you get a good rotation with the hips. So things look good, just need to sure up a few things.


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Thanks guys, im really trying to just deliver my hands back to where they started and hold that angle as long as I can. This is a product of starting off wrong with no direction, now trying to replace muscle memory. Thanks Saevel, ive been working on the shift forward but I agree that I do spin out of my swing, any tips for trying to correct it?


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Check out the 5 keys video threat, look for the videos related to weight forward.

There are some good videos there. I am always a fan of the preset your weight forward and work on mimicking impact conditions.


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    • I still remember my first couple of rounds playing strokeplay from the backtees on my home course. Because I went down to under hcp 15 I had to play in cat1 group, before that I only played Stableford from the medal tees. First couple of times 100+ scores as a hcp 14. I even got so fed up with this strokeplay, I picked up a couple of times. It took me two handfull of rounds to get used to it. later I played as a single digit player twice a strokeplay tournament on a nice but to me unknown course and scored both times 103. This year I will play it for the third time, to break that record. Strokeplay, no esc will get into his head. I would bet on it.
    • Obviously keeping your left leg flexed longer is the key.  For me, the problem has been straightening the right leg, but in theory any straightening that lifts you away from the ball is not good. What I have started doing is not flexing my knees that much when setting up.  They are not locked, but they are pretty straight.  I've never done this before but it has helped to keep me balanced and not do the lift-down-lift move.  My head doesn't move as much and I can lift my left heel on the backswing without lifting my upper body.  I also feel that I'm not fighting as much to get to the left side.  I'm getting more consistent contact and it seems to be easier on my body. I have no idea if it will help you at all and I'm just throwing it out in case you can't use a drill to fix your issue. John  
    • Hi guys been having trouble with my account or I wouldn't be so spotty... Anyways I been looking to upgrade my entire bag and am slowly but surely. I just ordered my new irons 716 AP1 and can't be more excited. I was just wondering what you guys thought on how hard it's going to be to adjust to them coming from TM Burner plus irons. I'm sure they will be a half to a full club longer due the stronger lofts, but how much more forgiving could they be. I really hope the long irons will be a tad bit easier to hit than mine currently are. Thanks for any and all feedback and remember the goal is to keep it in the short grass lol 
    • I love grilling steaks. I've cooked them caveman style right on the charcoal, a grate over my chimney starter, reverse sear, 700* grill, you name it I've done it. I haven't tried the sous vide method yet, but it's similar to a reverse sear in the oven then 30 seconds on a hot grill grate. My favorite cut is a big 3lb cowboy ribeye. I'll eat a filet at a steakhouse, but the ribeye is king when I'm grilling at home. 
    • 5/24:  Another rainy day (and my yard is soaked), so kept it light, and indoors.  Looks good to play tomorrow, finally, though.
      5 mins. wall drill indoors, no club; focus on keeping backside into wall through impact
      A couple of mins. in front of mirror; focused on checkups for setup position, then at each position through impact
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