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Jon-Paul Maiden

Grafalloy bimatrix tour prototype

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Anyone hit this shaft? I have a 105 ss and like a heavier weight.  I would normally play a heavy stiff shaft but this only comes in 65 which I think is too light.  How's the 80x going to play?  Would I be able to handle it with my ss?


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80 X might be a bit much for 105mph.  I'd look at other shafts, I'm sure you can get an 80 gram stiff from Fuji, Aldila, Diamana, etc.


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Check out the Grafalloy website (currently under revision). At this time, Bimatrx info is included in a PDF of its current products.

Shaft has high bendpoint and low torque (2.0). R and S weigh in at 65 grams, X at 80.

BiMatrx Tour Prototype combines the best of both worlds in materials

and performance. The ultralight graphite BiMatrx body joins with a steel

tip section for ultimate distance and control. BiMatrx also has the unique

combination of allowing golfers to increase driver loft by as much as 30%

while offering a 20% reduction in spin rate. This high launch and low spin

blend delivers incredible carry and roll. BiMatrx is loved by tour players

around the globe and was in the bag of the 2012 Masters champion.

The promo promises high launch and low spin, but a high bendpoint in a shaft normally generates a slightly lower launch. I'll let others sort this out.


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    • Your swing looks great. You got a lot of time in on it and it shows. What was your handicap when you started? If I am lucky I play once a week and then practice 2-3 at the max with some at home practice.
    • I think a putter fitting is very important. For two things: Aim. Most people can't aim the putter(s) they own. Distance. The weight distribution in the putter greatly affects how well you can hit putts the proper distance.
    • Thanks, interesting, and not surprising. The marketing myths in golf equipment aren't unlike so many consumer products, yet I fall for some of them. Kind makes me wonder why so many folks here stress how important a putter fitting is. I know what length feels comfortable, I can see if the lie is reasonable and I can decide for myself if a putter looks, feels and putts "right" to me. For now I'm going to see if more practice cures my inconsistencies with my old putter.
    • My experience says no but I suppose some change in mechanics could bring about more distance. The major component is your athletic ability. For example, I started playing and hitting my PW 100 yards. I purchased new irons and was up to 130. Again I purchased new irons and and the PW is 140. My swing and lag has progressed considerably since I started but I am very athletic and aware of my biomechanics and body position. Unless you are making swing changes, or don't understand where your power is generated, you will not gain much distance.
    • I'm glad you're enjoying golf Joe, but how could a Scot not? Oh! I thought that was so clever! Distance comes with clubhead speed and solid contact. Both must work together to produce the desired result. If I had my "druthers" (an American idiom as far as I know), I would prefer solid contact over pure clubhead speed. I see plenty of guys who can swing the club amazingly hard, and hit the ball a long way, but have no idea where it will end up. Centered contact will allow you to maximize the distance of your swing speed and have some idea where the ball is going. As your swing become more "grooved" you may be able to increase your speed and hit the ball farther. I'd suggest you learn the game with the equipment you have. Absolutely nothing wrong with Dynamic Gold R300 shafts. On the PGA Tour, J.B. Holmes plays Dynamic Gold S400 shafts in his irons. And he's a Tour Pro! If you don't have a clubfitter or coach to work with, I'd tell you to resist falling into the trap of "buying a better swing"! Meaning buying more and (maybe) better equipment hoping to shave a few strokes!
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