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College golf

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What are some links/websites that will help me get info for college golf?

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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

What are some links/websites that will help me get info for college golf?

What kind of info are you looking for?


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    • Football: Any Given Sunday - just because of "the speech" Baseball:  Major League - we wear caps & sleeves at this level, son Basketball: Coach Carter - love the message and the actual basketball scenes are great...those guys can play. Hockey: D2 The Mighty Ducks - because 'Merica Soccer: Kicking and Screaming - admittedly not a soccer fan and don't know any others without Googling Auto Racing: Fast Five - watching The Rock and Vin Diesel go punch-for-punch will never get old Bowling: N/A Surfing: Point Break - corny Keanu Reeve's lines crack me up Golf: Tin Cup - because everyone's inner child needs a spankin' once in awhile Boxing: Cinderella Man - one of the few movies that will make me stop what I'm doing, sit, and watch. Other: Cool Runnings - just a favorite from my childhood...dressed as a bob-sledder for Halloween one year and tried to get people to kiss a hard boiled egg while trick-or-treating.
    • Go to ebay and look up the Taylormade Burner Bubble. Not much money, but seems to fit your parameters.
    • I'm a bit biased because I'm working with the folks at GAME GOLF, but I've never really had a problem with any of the tags or GG hardware once I silicone glued them in (and some grips don't need that - my PURE grips are softer than many as they're pure rubber, so they can use the help). GG tags don't affect the swingweight like the Arccos tags. That's a big one IMO. There are other reasons but you listed a lot of them. The stats and whatnot in GG will be getting better, too. They HAVE the data, after all.
    • Not how you finish a club spin, need to work on that, yo  
    • I agree with all of the others. Get a proper fitting. For me? I was using the SLDR driver 12* with a Sr Shaft. I was hitting it a good 160 to 175 yards.  I went to the Titleist Thursday event here in Sacramento. It is where Titleist gives you a free fitting session for what ever you are thinking of replacing. I wasn't thinking of replacing, but was curious. I went in, he watched me swing the club, said try this "catch the rain" (turning my hands over at the bottom of my swing). Ball went a little farther. 
      He said - here try this. Then try this. Shafts, head, more shaft information. (he brought, all, ALL, of the shafts that are being offered for the clubs) I was fitted for the 917D2 with the Blueboard S+ 70 in Regular. I regularly carry 230 yards with roll out (some days more than others.) coming in between 20 and 30 yards more. I hit the M2, Ping G, M1, King Cobra F7 (can't remember which one), ... I hit everything that Haggin Oaks had in their super shop (we call it the library - you check em out and return em). 6 months later I am still hitting it straight (no on purpose shot shaping for me) and long...long for me. (I am 55 yrs young). I hit my 3wood roughly 235, my 7wood about 220ish. Go get fit at a reputable fitting place. You will not regret it.
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