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How much does your score vary? I'm looking foward to the day when I no longer shoot over 100.

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How low was your HC when 100 became a really bad day?

I scored a 90 today, second best score of my short time playing the game. Two weeks ago I scored a 108, that's 18 strokes, OUCH. 110 is my really really bad day now and I'm a 19.1 HC.

What is a typical spread in a players score at any given HC. I would think that as the HC goes down the scores become more consistant.

I had been playing for a little over a year when Last Oct. I changed my swing, I decided that for me to get to be a good golfer I had to find some fundementals to fall back on. So I studied the swing, read and reread a few books. My score went from the high 90s low 100s to the 140s. I got so bad, I was going in the wrong direction ,the  frustration and occasional thoughts of giving up the game started to make it not fun anymore, But I stuck with it and it seems to be paying off, I'm playing better than ever and when I'm not playing well, I know why.

Tiger is a +4.3? And he put up a 74 round this weekend. For some of the low or mid cappers here, when was the last time you shot 100?


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I started playing in 1992 and my last score of 100 was in 1993.   There are many qualifiers though.......how often does one play, and how dedicated are they to the game?

I know people who've played a lifetime and a triple digit score is possible on any given day.  I've averaged well over 100 rounds a year over the past 20+ years, so I gained a lot of experience quickly.  It all boils down to putting in the work and or on course play.  Personally...I prefer putting in the "PLAY".   I haven't hit a ball on the range since 1995.  If I have time to hit golf balls, I go play.


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Also, how difficult are the courses you play..?  Maybe consider taking a few lessons from a PGA pro to get your swing checked out.

If you are playing high rated courses,  maybe consider playing an easier course, and some par 3 exec courses to get your game to where youd like it../


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Very bad day, on a very tight and long course.


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    • A run of the mill slice is something I can actually live with (though it'll be an annoying existence).  A push slice is probably the most off line I ever get with a shot (even more than a shank due to distance) as it starts right and goes further right.  Luckily those are so rare that when they do pop up they usually aren't in a spot where it causes me trouble.
    • The point that I was specifically responding to was, just because you're on top of another group, it still may be appropriate to allow others through.  Just because @No Mulligans hadn't experienced it, didn't mean that the concept was moot by any means... And fwiw, our relatively fast group has allowed 5-somes through....
    • These guys haven't gotten to where they are without being ultra-competitive.  I don't think the lack of money had any real effect on their desire to win.
    • The slice is just such a devastating miss for your game. It is a shot that I really have to eliminate from my game. I am an incredibly inconsistent player, to the point where I can be hitting a beautiful high fade and start to go pin hunting for several holes, having several looks at birdie in a row and then within the next several holes be almost unable to hit the ball without hitting a horrendous slice. I am so inconsistent that it is not abnormal for me to go something like par, birdie, par, birdie, par, quad, quad, quad in an eight hole stretch.
    • I recently won some pro shop credit ($100) at a semi-private course nearby.  Thing is, I need to use it before November or it expires. I don't really need any clothes or accessories so I was thinking I might put it towards a new driver.  The problem is, while I'm sure I can test it out on the range, they just have regular old range balls and I'm doubtful there's any kind of fitting process.  I also can't really play a round there with a demo club unless I'm someone's guest or I'm willing to shell out $100+ to play off-peak times (which I'm not).  There's a decent golf shop down the road from the course that offers fittings for $75/hour, with a $50 credit toward a related purchase within 30 days.  I've never had a proper fitting, so would it make sense to go to the golf shop, get fit, assume I'll probably get a custom shaft, go buy the same driver at the pro shop using my credit, and then buy the shaft from the golf store, applying the fitting credit?  When you get fit and end up with a custom shaft, is the shaft price usually totally on top of the full price of the off-the-rack driver, or is there typically a discount since you're not getting the OEM shaft? Obviously different stores do things differently, but I'm just wondering what is common practice. I'm trying not to overthink it but I also don't want to waste my pro shop credit. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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