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Help me out on buying new clubs? (left Handed)

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I am looking to buy a new set of Irons, I used to play a good amount and have taken a break until now, I am selling my old clubs and want to get some that are quality clubs. looking to spend around $300-$400 on irons probably, what would yall suggest? I am definitely going to get used clubs.


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Welcome to the site.

1. Go to shop and try out everything.

2. Get fitted (lie and length) to see if you need adjustments. If so, then your used window closes a bit more. Some shops will not bend cast clubs.

3. If you can play "standard length and lie" clubs,( search around here for threads on fitting) then look at , , you can find top level clubs of 2012-2013 for around 3-400 bucks all day.

4. You have to play your clubs, not what anyone else uses, or what Joe Tour player uses, find what is best for your game.

5. Good luck in your quest, I love it when its time for new clubs, part of the fun of the game.


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