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I have not posted since January

I played sunday .I shot a 79 ,it felt much worse only 7 gir and 4 f,i,r. I scrambled like hell and made some putts .finished  8 pars 2 birdies .but disaster on 2 of last 3 holes ..with  2 double bogies.


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yes better weather ,no rain for a change .about 10c and little wind.


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    • It's always been our best guess or option based on data we have.  It's the marketing department that wants to tell you facts and that this drug is the only possible option.  The deeming of being safe or not is not by the people making the drug but by drug administrations having to decide whether to try and save 950 people and let 50 die from side effects or let all 1,000 people die.  It also doesn't stop there, though. While they may be trying out this drug for the first time that doesn't work as well, they may have upgraded and developed a new drug that works better, but must go through trials again.  And when that comes out or something better comes out, they can ban the worse one. Science is not meant to be perfect, but people expect it to be.  My mom will be the first to tell you that while her drug can cure HEP C in 99% of patients, it is not perfect.  So they will continue to modify what can be modified until they are satisfied with the results.
    • So played today at my local course which is a par 69. Short course but punishes if you aren't straight with lots of OOB. My best round is a 95 here. Playing off 27.4 handicap (U.K.). Came flying out the blocks birdied the first hole which is a par 4 and then parred the next hole which is a par 3. 1 under par after 2 holes and I was starting to get excited lol. After 5 holes I was sitting pretty at 2 over par. I then had 2 pretty bad holes and completed the first 9 holes in 44. But couldn't help but feel disappointed as I was playing well and had 2 bad holes on the front 9. Back 9 started like the front 9 I had a 2 foot birdie putt on hole 10 which I missed to my annoyance. Everything was going well and I was on to break90 easily.....until I got to the 15th and took 11 shots !!! Round blown. Went in the back 9 holes shooting a 49 which ended the round on 93. I beat my best by 2 strokes but walked into the clubhouse bar feeling absolutely dejected at what should have been a great 18 holes. I scored 41 stableford points. My handicap was cut from 27.4 back down to 27.0. Which again disappointed me as I thought I would at least be now off 25. I track my handicap using Golfshake which is an app on my iPhone.  So I beat my best score by 2 shots and should be elated but I'm truly gutted as I was playing some really good golf consistently. As usual 2 or 3 bad holes and it destroys my score card. Onto my next round Sunday and hopefully I will break 90...... Lee  
    • So we have.  @jsgolfer jsdad. @jetsknicks1  jetsknicks jr. ??? @CarlSpackler @dave s ??? @David in FL (maybe)??? Looks like 2 tee times will be needed and everyone is good for Orange National around 9AM. Sound right?
    • No advice, but THAT is extraordinary.
    • Well then that's interesting. It doesn't seem to add up...
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