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getting sponsored

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Pretzel    397

Titleist- http://www.titleist.com/customer-service/faqs/112/Sponsorship.aspx

Nike- http://help-en-us.nike.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/777/p/3897?cp=EUNS_AFF_WG_DE_16644

Many companies don't post anything on sponsorships beyond the professional athletes they are currently sponsoring because they don't want a barrage of requests for free stuff to come their way. However, the "easiest" way to get sponsored as a golfer is to either be a high level college athlete (many companies will give their stuff to the coaches, who are then allowed to give it to players. Some weird restrictions require it to work that way, meaning that players will attend a private demo day and then the coach will get a box in the mail that just happens to have perfectly custom fit clubs for all of his players) in a big name D1 school or to become a head professional at a golf course. Companies will seek out small sponsorship deals with club professionals in order to get their clubs stocked, often exclusively, over those of the competition in exchange for giving out some free product and providing demo days. On the mini tours it is difficult to get corporate sponsors as they usually want to see high level performance before they will sponsor you, so most who are interested in that path often get sponsorship through crowdfunding and ordinary fundraising techniques to gather funds to play in tournaments before getting clubs, balls, and/or money from golf companies if they play well.

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