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Swing devolving somehow...

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Recently I have decided to get back into golfing after having not played since I was about 13. I never really played much to begin with so for all intents and purposes, I'm a beginner. Anyways, I started going to the range pretty often and while my swing obviously needed work, I was still hitting some good shots every fourth or fifth shot.

After running the youtube golf advice gauntlet, I think I screwed myself up somehow because the 2nd to last time out I was swinging with a slice so bad other golfers at the range were in danger of being shanked by my shots. Okay, back to square one. I realized I had developed a really bad over-the-top swing but I watched some more videos with consistent advice and felt confident with what I learned.

At home, I practice my swing on carpet in an open area using a foam ball. I have been trying to emulate the Rory McIlroy swing and with practice I felt confident with my swing. I was swinging with the hips, ball (still foam) was flying straight and I felt powerful when making contact.

I go to the range today and I either skipped the ball in a 10 yard path in front of me or I hit it short and right. I was using a 9 iron the whole time. I can honestly say though that when I am hitting an actual golf ball it's like I lose my mind; not once did my swing feel right today and I struggled to make decent contact.

I'm thinking I may need to get out of my own head and relax because even just now using the foam ball at home again, my swing feels good and strong again.

Has anyone had any experience like this? Any advice would be very welcome, I'm not sure what angle to take at this point except to just give in and take some lessons.


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First of all, welcome to TST!

A lot of golfers have the same problem; the only way to improve is to be patient and not try to assimilate too many changes at once. I've seen a number of members come and go, generally the amount of improvement correlates to how patiently they practice. Some players with decent ability who got a lot of good advice ended up exactly where they started because they didn't practice their given drills properly, or started getting distracted by chasing other swing changes besides their "priority piece".

There are a lot of good threads in here with instruction by some of our teaching pros, and you can post a swing video to get more specific advice on where to start. Here are a few helpful threads:


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Thanks, I think I'll post my swing to that thread you mentioned.


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    • I have 1 shot that is absolutely leaps and bounds more heroic than any shot I've ever made in my life... and it happened just about 2 weeks ago. I'm playing 9 holes after work one day. Nice weather, but I'm playing fairly poorly but not terribly. I'm still enjoying myself. I get to the 9th hole and I'm something like 9 over for the round if I'm remembering correctly. It's a dogleg left 525 yard par 5, uphill, upwind (usually) with a massive grain silo smack at the turn of the dogleg (the signature monument for the course). There's no trees but to "cut the corner;" you have to hit it something about 320 yards from the men's tees to not be in danger - so no way for me. I hit a drive that leaks right, into the handful of trees. Not where you want to be but usually reasonably playable, but it just makes the hole VERY long from there. So I walk up to my ball and it's resting under a tree, "great..." I say to myself. It's sitting back behind the tree on the fairway side of #8 but the trunk itself isn't in my line of sight to get back up and into the fairway. The problem was all of the low branches on the tree. And it was about 15-20 ft. OF those branches between the ball and getting out straight. I though to myself "great... I'm going to have to basically punch out because nothing I have will clear below the branches" (they were very thick, no way to even hope to get through them). Then I said to myself "I'd need like 10 degrees of loft to get under there. Then I looked at my bag and said... "this is my moment." Look back down at the ball, it's slightly above my feet... sitting perched on some light rough. I look down the line and I say to myself "how could I NOT hit driver here???" Grab my driver, line her up, and BAMMMM! I hit a B-E-A-UTIFUL bullet right up under the branches, no contact, and split the fairway in two. AND hit it about 250 yards! In excellent shape to easily get on in 3 (which I did, AND sank the birdie putt!). It was a great end to my round. I had never even attempted to hit driver off the deck up to that point, and I've been playing a few years now. I don't think I'll ever top that shot. It was just too beautiful, like a unicorn in my game. 
    • This one might be for @iacas or @mvmac, but open to anyone's opinion.       I'm a right-handed player and on my right hand, the joint between the tip and 2nd bone was fused together because of a baseball injury when I was in little league.    The result of this injury is I cannot bend it at all, say to wrap it around the grip when setting up for a shot. My question is, how much does the right trigger finger play a role in controlling any aspect of the swing?   Obviously, I have compensated for it and I don’t ever think about it when I play, but a recent post showing the Ben Hogan grip made me think of it again as it clearly shows him wrapping the finger around the grip. Any thoughts?  
    • I did see your statements regarding the power relative to the accuracy and I definitely agree. I certainly think it would be an uphill battle for any female. As this conversation has progressed throughout the day today, I think in a one day single round tournament a female would be able to compete and have a chance to win, but I dont think there is a female capable of putting together 4 near perfect rounds to be able to compete with the guys
    • Agreed.    However, back to conspiracies, the worst that could happen is someone finds a cure and screws Big Pharma out of their golden goose!
    • That is interesting. I remember seeing recently that Cuba may have a lung cancer vaccine that had some rate of success. They don't give it to you until you are diagnosed with cancer. Would be awesome if people with terminal cancer diagnoses could be allowed to try whatever treatments they want. What's the worst that could happen? They die?
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