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My Swing (Jberkowitz89)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 2.5 Years (3rd year playing consistently, only get about 6 months of golf per year though living in Chicago)

My current handicap index or average score is: 22 (Average score of 94)

My typical ball flight is: Honestly, my ball flight is pretty all over the place. I have some hooks and some slices, and also some nice drives every round, so there isn't really a typical flight.

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push-Slice, where none of my weight gets to the front foot, and I end up losing the ball way right.

Some background about my swing: I used to play baseball, so the biggest issue I have with my swing is getting all of my weight on my front foot. I've also been told that I have a tendency to have my hands get in front rather than them lagging behind the lower body. I've taken a few lessons, but only one so far this season.

Let me know if I can give any more information that could help

Video 1 (I know the face-on angle isn't great)

Video 2


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Push-Slice, where none of my weight gets to the front foot, and I end up losing the ball way right.

Yes that's what I see as well

I would recommend working on this feel/drill to get the weight further forward on the downswing which will help the path be more outward or less across the ball.


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    • Bottom line: I doubt anyone committed to voting for Trump or Hillary will change their minds after watching the debate.   Those on the fence and not sure who they will vote for will only be more disheartened and confused about who they will vote for after watching the debate.  
    • Have you played with ball position at all? In the videos, it appears you have the ball near your left heel for all three clubs. Maybe try moving it back a half ball width and see if the contact is better. Ball flight may lower a small amount, but better contact may be worth it.
    • What I have is commiseration and empathy.  I know your pain too well.  I am an 11.3 HDCP, and generally shoot in the lower 40's for 9 holes, mid 80's for 18....That said, I live in Northern Minnesota and our weather is starting to turn to Fall pretty fast, so I have been trying to get in as many 9 hole rounds as I can.  Last Monday I shot a 36, got one birdie, then missed a 2 foot putt for bogey on the very next hole to compensate  .  Everything was just clicking, 5 FWYS hit (even the mis-hits were just off the FWY), 7 GIR, 3 one-putts, no three-putts.  Then after feeling really good about my swing, I went out and shot a 50 three days later, my worst round of the year. I guess the only thing I can figure is even though I don't feel like I'm doing it, I think I am living in the past instead of the present. Remembering how good I played and not concentrating on the present shot.
    • I did the same thing in my club championship last weekend. I was actually up 5 shots with 5 holes to go. I bogeyed my last four to lose by two. I cant explain what happened. A combination of bad luck, a couple of bad swings and poor putting. Had a chance to save par on all 4 of those holes inside 7-8 feet and didn't make them. The guy that won (also in my group) made a clutch birdie on 17 and made a tough par on 18.  Tournament golf is mostly mental, IMO. If you tense up, you swing gets short and choppy then its hard to execute shots. Sometimes you get this fog come over you where you dont think as clearly as you should, which might have happened to me on a couple of holes. On 15 i pulled a 8iron for a green side chip when i thought it was it pitching wedge. Needless to say that chip went a lot by the hole.... I just wasn't paying proper attention to what i was doing at that moment and made an mental error.  Thats golf, though. 
    • I would add: "Fraud", "experience"
      "Misogynist", "racist", "Discrimination", "foundation", "Donation", "founders"
      And I would not be surprised to hear "un-american" Very good article I am a fan of 538, been following their polls this entire election.
      Silver's model call it last election, I think he will again this time around. 
      I think the "not screw up" model is why Trump released let the info out about his not  preparing.
      If you have heard the news that Trump is not prepared and he is not a dumpster fire, technically he wins the debate.
      Hillary with all her preparation can not exceed expectations of those who hate her!  or "Great"
      either way I dont have enough booze in the house and I have 200 bottle in my cellar!
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