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Anyone carry 14 clubs and no FWs?

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Simple question really, does anyone have their Driver as the only true wood in their bag? I've thought of toying with the strong hybrid in place of a FW, just wondered if anyone has done it, and how it went...

I tried to do it, I ditched my fairways, 3&5, plus my 4 iron, bought a 3 & 4 hybrid, loved em! Still do! So I bought the matching 1 hybrid, could not hit it any further than my 3 hybrid, and my 3 hybrid was straighter, so I eventually ditched the 1h and bought a new 3 fairway wood, and I'm pleased to say I'm glad I did, as I can hit this one 30 yards past my 3h, Even now I'm not sure if it's a case of finding the right club or working on your swing?... But I suspect it was a bit of both!

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I played this set up all of golf season last year and it worked great for me. 10.5 Titleist 913 Driver with 17* and 21* 910 hybrids instead of the fairway woods. With the 17 degree hybrid, I put the loft on 16.25* and put a heavier/longer 90g shaft to make it feel more like a fairway wood off the tee. I also was able to hit it off the deck better than any 3 wood which made it more of a versatile club for me. I lost about 10 yds off the tee compared to my 3 wood but I use it waaaaaaay more through out the round than just off the tee. Plus hybrids are so much easier to hit!

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I also dropped woods in favor of hybrids. I carry two. A 15* and a 21* degree. And sometimes I leave my 4 iron out and go 13. I rarely use it.

I too carry no fairway woods.  I carry a 2h (16 degree), a 4h (23 degree), a 5h(25 degree), and a 6 hybrid (28 degree). I am considering changing the setup, as there aren't enough differences between the hybrids lofts like in irons.

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Note: This thread is 2289 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • A better way to say it would be using the leg to push the hip, here's a video of what I mean he's referring to the downswing but am I right in saying for the backswing should you do something similar, where you use your leg to push the hip rather than just trying to get the hip to turn clockwise   
    • Day 3: COVID-19 day 6 and 7 drills again. Then downswing priority piece work with 7-iron, not much, just 10 balls. 
    • Day 69, August 2, 2021 More work on shortening my backswing. I don’t want to even get to hands to right shoulder… at least feeling like that.
    • I'm sure if you look at about two years ago on this site, I mentioned somewhere that after having my first ever sub-80 round (a nice 77 in a tournament!), I failed to break 90 for I think two months.  These things happen. Can't hit an iron?  What's the longest swing you can make with your PW and hit a good result?  If the answer is a chip, go hit some chips and, after some good ones, expand into pitches.  Similar with pitches into 3/4 shots, etc.   This is very likely something you can work out by going back to what you do well.  
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