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The Problems With Golf

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15 minutes ago, dave s said:


But you know what?  Everyone hacking and stinking up the place was having fun.  From the younger women ahead of us teeing up balls 'til she got one she liked to the guys in front of them hitting pop-ups and straight-right squibbers off the tee, they were having fun and enjoying themselves.  

But don't hold up the rest of the course.  

In my opinion, if there are people waiting behind you and the course is busy, there is no excuse for someone hitting multiple balls off the tee or in general assuming the first one they hit is in play. That is probably the single thing that upsets me the most when waiting on people is hitting multiple balls simply because they didnt like the outcome of the first swing. If you dont like the outcome, practice so your first shots turn out better.

Empty course, nobody behind you? Then I have no problem with you hitting multiple balls, I do it myself. But dont make my round take longer because you are hitting multiple shots.

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Cost of equipment is a cop out. You can find inexpensive clubs ob EBAY, yard sales, or maybe even a second hand store. Time tro play a round of golf okay I will give you that one. The biggest thing is all the electronics the kids have today. People are getting into golf when they are older for business and the kids are grown up. I don't hear golf courses complaing to much they are still packing them in.

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According to the "Economist" website the factors leading to the slow down of golf are varied. This report is several months old, so somethings may have changed. Last I read, golf was still in a declining mode in 2017.

1. There is no longer a Tiger Woods bringing new blood into the game. Those pros who are winning these days, are just not popular enough to draw new players. 

2. There are easier versions of golf available to younger golfers. Foot Golf, Top Golf, and Frisbee golf are examples of alternate, easier golf. 

3. The rule book scares folks away. That, and folks who insist on following the rules. The intimidation factor.

4. Newer, longer courses make golf too hard for some to stick with the game. Newer courses also fall into the slower play, cost concerns. 

5. The economy is still some what in the dumps for golfers in the middle, and lower class weekly pay checks to afford golf on regular basis. That, and most folks in those working classes are watching their money closer.

These for the most part, are viable reasons. 




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