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Played 18 today. 6600 yards, scorching hot. We played match play 2v2 and thing is I get distracted too easily. I started with 3 bogeys and a par which should be a great start but we were the maximum 8 points down after them so it kinda got in my head that I’m not playing good (in reality the other pair played lights out). 

Shot a total of 94 with one lost ball where the group behind us pissed me off and I shanked my 7 iron in very deep rough and instead of watching the ball I was looking back at them. 

Did hit some monster drives of 306 and 312 yards total. 38 putts (very fast greens and some very long first putts from GIRs)

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Played two more times and was the first time I really should’ve broken 90. Shot 92, I’ll only say one thing about the round - started with 9 on the par 4 first hole where my perfectly struck pitching wedge flew 10 yards over the green, got an unlucky bounce and ended near a tree stump. 2 airballs later I finally took an unplayable. Anyway...



Continued to work on the hip rotation and the chair drill really helped with that. So seeing some big progress there pic 1 from November last year and pic 2 from this week, I today added a drill/feeling of stopping the flip. I’m not flipping per se (the hands are still in line with the shaft at impact), but I still flip it after the impact. 

So this was earlier today:


I have been working on the right elbow for a long time but today it clicked when I talked for 15 mins with my pro-to-be friend. I did feel like I’m pulling my elbow towards my torso on the downswing but in addition to that I was extending the right hand way too early. Instead of doing it after impact I did it much earlier. So this was only after about 5 swings after I realized that. The feeling is that I’m keeping my elbow at the same bend angle as on the top of the backswing for the whole swing (that obviously doesn’t happen, but the improvement was visible in the first few swings)  



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So played in a tournament on Thursday for the first time in over a year. A new course on which I got my ass handed to me. Shot 107, but we pretty much all sucked that day. 

The course is super hard and even harder when you don’t know it. For example there is a par 4 where you play your first shot to a plateau and then your second over a ravine to an elevated green. So we lasered the group in front of us at 195 yards. So I striped my 5 iron exactly where I wanted it. When we came up we saw that there was another 30-40 yards of the fairway in front of where my ball was. So I had a 180 yard shot left into the green instead of a 140 yard one. 


Another is the hardest hole (hcp 1) on the course. And it’s a 285 yard par 4. You know you’re in for a treat when a 285 yard par 4 is the toughest hole on the course. You have to hit your tee shot to a landing zone about as big as a postcard, thing is, the post card is 220 away. So I hit my 4 iron to the left side and instead of it fading it didn’t start to turn and caught some high branches and I was 60 yards short. And then it just went downhill from there....


nevermind, I’m now working on my shoulder turn to be more perpendicular to my spine angle. I tend to dip my left shoulder way too much. 

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So all the work I’ve been putting in doing drills at home and learning about the proper movements seems to finally be showing some results. 

I have learned today that if your hip and shoulder turn on the backswing are correct than the shallowing of the club happens automatically. I made absolutely no effort to shallow the club on these swings, the only thought was the “correct” hip loading in the backswing and transition. I would still like to open my hips more at impact and I’d like a bit more of forward shaft lean as a result of that, but I can see the early extension and chicken wing to slowly disappear. 

For anyone who wants to look more into the proper hip turn and loading check out the videos of Athletic Motion Golf. I’m a very visual person and their skeleton videos really help me understand what the good players are doing.  

From the start of October I’m changing my workweek to only 4 days working being off on Tuesdays. So that should hopefully result in golf 2-3 times per month. 

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    • The viral inoculation load is a key gap in our knowledge base for testing and policy. I struggle with test interpretation not knowing at what level a test should be positive since the question is not if the virus is present but rather: A. if the illness is caused by COVID-19 and if the person is infectious. Something I think about daily. 
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