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  1. Long story short, the dad and son snuck away after the incident but we got their info and threatened to file a police report. He called right back and gave us what we needed. Cart needed a new side panel. Not sure of what else it needed.
  2. Here’s my 9iron with a face on view. I like the move. Could still get more inline but it looks better.
  3. phillyk

    59 Alert

    -11 through 11. 54 ALERT!!.... and I have him on my bench in fantasy, DOH!!! 😭
  4. I have a couple positives so far, new job and one that I'd love to do until I retire and gaining my PGA membership!
  5. Carts should definitely be 30ft from all greens and tee boxes, or better yet stay on the path when you are close. The other big thing that bugs me, as a worker, is letting kids drive. I've seen more accidents occur from kids driving than adults. The only 2 accidents last month occurred because a kid was driving when they were not supposed to. The first bullet point at our shop in the cart agreement is that you must be 21 to rent/drive the cart. One kid T-boned a cart right in front of the pro shop while the dad was on the passenger side. We all say, yeah that'll never happen if I let my kid drive, but that dad was saying the same thing prior to the accident. A wide open fairway, no trees, whatever, but go near anything at all, and the adult should be driving.
  6. Great this and 2k21 golf a couple days apart... there goes call of duty.
  7. Still working with right hand grip and main thought of returning to inline position at impact. Rotation looks a little better. Obviously still very upright but not terribly worried about it right now. This was my 2iron which has been serving me very well recently.
  8. I have a feeling he will come back very strong for the US Open. It probably eats at him a little bit for the performance at PGA Championship and missing playoffs. He will want to come back big.
  9. I've played by the assumption that you can't dig feet in unless taking your stance to hit the shot. Never really questioned it, because I always felt that by digging in, I was testing the sand at the same time. Don't really need to do it elsewhere. So seems fine to me if people want to dig in elsewhere. Improving the lie is definitely different.
  10. Well, that didn’t go good. Full swing was not the same as day 1. Definitely hit some good shots, but more misses. I think I lost focus on my swing thoughts, miss was a hook. Led to 2 double bogies on the back 9. Just couldn’t properly recover, although I had one amazing 3w from a fairway bunker at 270, put it on the back of the green which led to birdie. I also over played 3 5ft putts which didn’t help. I did end on a good note with a blasted 2iron and birdie. Finished with 77. So +2 overall. Definitely pleased with the overall play. Its my best finish in the event.
  11. Playing in a two day tournament again, NW Open at Wine Valley GC. (No more walking off green early that I can see). Day 1 - focus was solely on the grip pre swing, just getting my right hand in the correct spot. The in swing thought/feel was get my hands back to where they started. By focusing on it, I was able to swing smooth. Even the swings where I tried to give an iron a little something extra, I hit really well. Except for one wedge shot, I was sticking my irons and wedges close all day. Driver was ok, a couple misses but they stayed in play. Putting was interesting because while I was lagging them really well (no 3 putts all day) I wasn’t making reasonable birdie putts either. The greens at the course are massive and very fast, so lagging/dying the ball at the hole is very important. Overall, had 5 birdies and 1 double bogey (That one bad wedge shot went into a water hazard). Birdies came on par 5’s and a couple from sticking wedge shots very tight. So 69 to start and 3 from the leaders. Not trying to psych myself out going into today. Just want to go out, swing smooth and ideally make a few more putts.
  12. I meant don't solely work on feels/thoughts one way. Do it multiple ways. 5min of doing drills at home is good so long as you can hit a couple balls every once in a while to enhance the work. Doing it every day for an hour or something without feedback, will make moving to hitting balls tough. Drills without hitting balls is better than no practice at all, of course. Even mental practice is better than no practice at all. But, for the best practice, it's good to apply the drills.
  13. Depends on what stage of learning you are in. In the beginning, it would be ok as you are learning a new skill/motion. As you practice more, you want to make sure the motion is applied to a real situation, as in hitting a ball. Then beyond that, applying it to playing a golf course. It can be harder to transition to course if you never hit a ball while practicing a skill.
  14. I shot a 30 at my old track’s back 9. Honestly when can trust the driver every time, good results can happen. Plus sticking it tight on one of the par 3s.
  15. This, also what kind of spin I want, and what shot I’m hitting (tee shot into par 3 or approach elsewhere). Most of the time, I’m hitting the longer club but gripping down on it and swinging a bit easier. But sometimes I’ll go bigger.
  16. Frustration may make you play bad, saying a "curse" word likely does nothing. It's an example of frustration, not frustration itself. Saying a "curse" word can be a positive emotion too.
  17. I think society needs to move past "curse" words. They are words that most of the time are used to emphasize emotion. Why is showing emotion unprofessional? We always say you aren't good enough to be mad. But the ones who are good enough can't be mad and show it?
  18. Played a tournament yesterday and swing was definitely better but right hand feels a little funky. Need to get used to it again. Funny and weird how the right hand got as weak as it did. The feel is to get my right index finger parallel with leading edge, which will keep the right hand in a good position. This feel works with irons and 3wood but driver will need a little more work. It hooks hard with that finger there. Had one terrible shot go OB early on which led to a double. But I also had 5 birdies and another bogey, so finished -2, 69. Still left a lot of short game shots out there, but putting was better.
  19. Going to college. Virtually non-social, hot head, but good player.
  20. I agree. That may be, but doesn't really change my thoughts about this practice. Beyond jr golf, is anyone promoting this?
  21. Are we sure the AJGA thinks this action should change as they get older? It'd be odd for them to preach something like this and expect it to change later on. At the time, I wasn't sure that my way was the "right" way. I really hadn't seen this action widely done before. But obviously he has a different experience. He did get all my scores right, except he forgot one of my birdies. So maybe the "new" way is start walking but peak at the player you scoring for to attest? I don't necessarily like this way because it hurts the social aspect of the game, I think. The green is where a lot of smack talk or polite talk happens. I remember reading that camaraderie is a very important aspect of the game for people. Even in tournaments, I enjoy being social with people. If we are pushing pace so much by having people walk away early, does it hurt the social game? (edit - this is the main thing for me, it was hard to talk with the kid because he always walked ahead)There are other times to talk, true, but it's more of the mentality that we have to constantly push. Be smart and play readily. I don't think there's any reason to leave the group to tee off. The other question could be is this action only used in tournaments or recreational or both?
  22. I felt same way, but for $5, eh. Nothing better to do today. Coverage on TV doesn't start for 5 hours. I'll turn off my subscription after this week.
  23. He did not talk much. He did more yelling at himself than anything else. Great player, but has some emotional control/expectation management to do. Not drinking age yet, a beer or two probably would’ve helped.
  24. That was it too, he would stand on the tee and wait for for us to get there. If he had honors, he may not have even tee’d up his ball yet when we get there. Pace wasn’t going to be much affected.
  25. Going to the bag or cart within 15yds or so is fine, I get that for putting stuff away and marking things down. But walking 50+yds out of much eye sight is a bit extreme. Maybe he does peak to see if we make the putt or something, but regardless, it’s odd to me.
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