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  1. At a golf course and having no experience, nearly everyone starts as outside staff. That includes but not limited to, cleaning, parking, and gassing/hooking up carts, picking the range, cleaning bathrooms (maybe), cleaning the outside common areas, marshaling the course, and sometimes being a starter. Another option is maintenance, but that involves being at the course at 4-5am and there maybe an age requirement. If you try to apply at a country club, there may be other options.
  2. Stay consistent, either gap wedge it through the set or get the cbx2. You don’t want the feel to be too drastically different. Regarding the set vs cbx2, it would depend on how many short game shots you plan to use it versus full/mostly full swing.
  3. I usually get a couple colds but yeah nothing in a while except for anxiety.
  4. This is definitely a variant of "back in my day" and I think the whole point. The game has been and should be moving forward, not going backwards. There is such a diverse genetic pool to choose from (physically), we should have very athletic guys who can smash it.
  5. Lambo huracan and a tesla cybertruck when that arrives.
  6. There has been 3, I think, more severe allergic reactions that were treated quickly. But you have to expect a spectrum of reactions. The moderna vaccine supposably has less allergens. I hope people take it but I know far too many already that said they won’t take anything (and each seem to have a different reason too).
  7. I voted yes for both. I don’t know, if you have so many people crying foul, eventually they’ll cave. They’ve had discussions and more already. If it wasn’t in consideration, those would never have happened.
  8. This was my 3rd or 4th time testing, but it was my least anxious one even though it was likely my closest encounter. Not sure why, just felt confident.
  9. Wife and I came back negative. I can return to the course.
  10. Well, my wife and I are starting isolation for a few days. Found out a family member who we last saw 7 days ago got sick Wednesday and tested positive. Cdc updated that if we test today/tomorrow and are negative or go 10 days without symptoms from last contact, we are good to go. Haven’t had any symptoms, so we are hopeful. Time to set up my golf net for a few days.
  11. I need to play OR golf in general. With Bandon and a ton of courses around Bend, I really need to make a trip out there.
  12. Welcome to TST! During and after playing, I enjoy IPA’s mostly.
  13. Make sure to bring your current clubs to compare against. I’m Srixon biased, so glad to hear it’s of interest! The new irons and driver look sweet! Can’t wait to get my set, although the blades won’t come out until around same time the following year. I would assume most places charge a flat fee for a fitting. I doubt they would charge more because you want to see if anything else feels or works good.
  14. I enjoy playing in stupid wind, because honestly score doesn’t even matter anymore. The fun comes from the stupidity of playing to begin with haha! Just mess around and hit some driver off the deck tee shots and stinger 2irons.
  15. Welcome to TST! Thank you for sharing your experience. That’s a tough situation. If the starter and/or shop intended for you to join the foursome, then it’s on them for not communicating that. But, if it was the foursome, you would think they would have introduced themselves when you were chipping. Not sure there is a right answer for you. Certainly, there is no simple answer for dealing with angry people other than simply ignoring them. I guess always confirm with the starter, when available, for your grouping.
  16. The swing from 11/10/20 looks to be centered with little head movement. Were you doing the 90% weight and lean there? Lower body looks centered at set up.
  17. The backswing, you lean a little bit to the trail side (watch the light near your head and the panel behind your hips). The downswing, you move back to the lead side a bit. I like that you almost have that hold off motion in the follow through, though; it has good extension. Imo, start with the steady head and centered turn on the back swing.
  18. The thing I noticed in face on that also showed dtl is not getting a lot of weight forward and hip turn at impact. With the armsy swing, many things could get out of sequence.
  19. I’ve still been working on that follow through, and now it had evolved a bit into what feels like a swing with more width. Short game is really coming around and putting is a bit better. I need to keep in mind my left hand grip. Last two days, I got eagles on par 5s. It’s been a long time since doing it two days in a row. One was a chip in and the other a long 50-60ft putt. One round finished at 71, and the other 68. Had spells of bogies both times. I should be getting my new putter grip today so I can put that on.
  20. phillyk

    Golf Wife?

    When I met my wife, she quickly learned of my devotion to the game. For first couple years, she wanted it to be my thing. Recently, she has taken an interest in wanting to try it. Either way is good by me. Would be fun as a family with our kid to go golf. But, either way, I’ll have my time with the game.
  21. When I’m playing a non-handicapped round, I don’t follow a lot of rules. I’ll toss em around if I don’t like a lie or line, pick up once on green and/or within like 6ft, and hit several mulligans. Honestly when not keeping a handicap, play in any way that makes you happy, so long as it doesn’t effect pace of play.
  22. My friend’s dad and step mom are covid deniers, and started to develop some symptoms a couple weeks ago. The step mom is having a tough time going through chemo so one of their daughters is having to take care of them. The daughter then started to get sick, got tested, and got a positive result for coronavirus. Needless to say my friend is really pissed off. They had canceled thanksgiving over whether covid was real and election results. The dad and step mom still refuse to believe they have something other than a cold and won’t go get tested. I couldn’t imagine being my friend in thi
  23. Well covid killed the US Open qualifiers. Not sure when I’ll next have a chance to do it again, with a new job. Handicap has hovered at +2ish for the most part, so didn’t quite get that one. Of the pro ams that did occur I placed top 5 in half of them, which again didn’t meet the goal, but the performance is better than previous years.
  24. For me, it’s that you start at the tee and end at the hole, play the ball as it lies, and play with integrity. Playing the course as you find may have different meanings for people. Like whether it means playing the correct fairway for a hole or taking advantage by taking a different hole’s fairway on a dogleg or something. The part of this rule most people ignore is player conduct by taking care of the course. Replace divots or fill with sand-seed and fixing ball marks.
  25. I want to see pics of those who hoard putters. @Double Mocha Man If I have old stuff, it’s because its for my kid when he’s older. Otherwise I give stuff away or sell it. I have enough for maybe 3 sets of clubs.
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