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  1. 4iron or my 2iron. I don’t typically have my 3iron in the bag. I don’t know, I guess I don’t look at the par for this as much as out to what distance/club do I feel reasonably comfortable hitting to the green from.
  2. I played 41 times (20 9 hole rounds); played a lot more than that, but solo or messing around. Lake Padden Loomis Trail North Bellingham Chambers Bay Wine Valley GC Fairwood G&CC Meridian Valley GC Avalon Golf Links Sudden Valley G&CC Whidbey GC Eaglemont GC Homestead Farms Most of the rounds were at Eaglemont, Loomis Trail, and Lake Padden.
  3. It’s hard to say for WA. You have a pretty big difference in weather patterns from east to west sides of the mountains and course maintenance procedures. In middle of winter some courses could be plug city and others still perfect. Our season is March 1st to November 15th. If there is to be an off season, that is as good as anything.
  4. I saw a LB300 on ebay for $400. As always, it depends on the condition.
  5. I'm definitely going to do this with my kid when he's older. I don't need the balls, it just would be fun.
  6. You really get a lot more rotation in your driver swings than iron. Chest gets back to target more, with driver, then hands stay more with chest and drives across body in better timing. Basically, make your driver swing, your iron swing too, in terms of overall hip and chest rotation.
  7. Come out to Lake Padden and I’ll let you know which way is more likely.
  8. I look to be pretty comfortable in 3rd. I’ve had two weeks where I didn’t get 4 guys into the weekend.
  9. nx9’s are $50 off NX9 Non-Slope Rangefinder | Precision Pro Golf Previous Next Golf Rangefinder NX9 NON-SLOPE The all-new NX9 rangefinder is fast and...
  10. Looking at the website since my dad needs a rangefinder, the nx9 slope and non-slope are $50 off!
  11. Maybe yipper’s should go side saddle or use a wedge instead. Just change it all up. 😁 I’ve always enjoyed using the TPM aid. Pushes you towards a fluid motion. I also wonder if making more putting games on the practice greens would help.
  12. I used to use my 60 close to 90%. Now, I use my 56 and 52 a lot more right next to the green, because I have a lot more confidence controlling spin and bump n runs. Then I’ll start using my 60 for longer carry shots around the green.
  13. A local course has a outside event every year where there is a music truck (basically has large speakers pointing off in many directions) parked near the clubhouse, which is pretty close to the middle of the course. You can hear the music all the way out to the edge of the property. I wouldn’t enjoy being close to that.
  14. I’ve carried, pushed, and rode all many times. Push carting, I always felt my arms got too tired from swinging and pushing the bag, but I may use it for flat courses. If I’m not carting, I’m most likely carrying. When I carried, exclusively, 5 years ago, I definitely got into a little better shape and could endure long days. Although the only extra weight I have is from snacks and beer. 😁
  15. It’s more about prioritizing tasks. If tee boxes need to be sanded or something, that will take away from maybe mowing one day. Doing something with the tees won’t add onto their current work load. I will step back a bit from what I said before. To some extent more work will need to be done with more play, but I don’t think it’s as much as some are thinking. Also, grass type does make a big difference on wear and tear/strain and ability to grow back. The best I can say then, is that more play didn’t increase maintenance that much at my course. The hope is that because of getting more play
  16. They come in and say super senior, instead of regular senior, and I usually shoot back that, in that case, we charge double. Once you hit 80, we charge more.
  17. I’m playing with my super right now. Budget went up 15k from last year. Rounds are up around 5000 from last year. So wasn’t the same like I was told but its still low compared to rounds played. Even he said that the budget is unlikely to change much for increasing rounds played. Some tee boxes may need more work but it doesn’t really change the total. But considering the ownership, we do get told no to many things Ok, yes, it would be great if an increase in rounds meant maintenance sees a good portion of extra funding but it doesn’t happen in many cases.
  18. I get the base cost versus incremental cost. But, realistically, a maintenance budget is staying roughly the same no matter the increase in play (depends on ownership). This year for example, my course is getting the most play it has for several years. What we are budgeting for maintenance is still the same as those previous years. Revenues go up, costs stayed the same. In effect, the cost to a player for maintenance goes down the more golfers we get.
  19. Groupon demands 50% off from courses to join. That's hard to do for many courses. Even group rates, courses have their limits to discounting. I've never really liked the idea of one person needing $x green fees for wear and tear or labor. We are not maintaining for each individual. We maintain as the course/cart requires (or more depending on course type/owner). There is no free, as far as a person not making any damage, but there also isn't a set cost to repair it. You wouldn't send a guy out to replace divots for 1 person golfing, but you would for 100. Would 101 golfi
  20. In golf, we want to appeal to markets of people with the opportunity and capability to play, as well as look to future. Junior golf and rates is easy and a huge part of pushing the sport. Senior rates, at this point, is pricing competitively, and especially with retirees, you want them playing as much as possible. Also a lot of retirees are just picking up the game. College students have a lot on their plate and a lot of outside entertainment and activities already. Not many college students are also looking to pick up the game. Those who play, will play given the time. There just isn’t
  21. Welcome! I grew up in the first couple suburbs north of the city. Left the area in ‘08. I definitely miss the golf out there, I’ve been meaning to go back and play Shepherds Crook.
  22. I have a pair of ecco bioms and my toes get very cold in winter which is annoying. I’m mainly using them for work shoes when I’m out teaching.
  23. Been working on impact to follow through feel. I know I “turn over” too much, so as per the video I’m not necessarily trying to hold off, more of get hands left of clubhead or something. It gets my chest left of target at impact and increases hip turn. Ball flight is very straight even though it feels like it should be a fade. I’m also standing slightly further from the ball, seems like impact becomes shallower which I like. Played a few holes (to practice) before it started raining harder than I’m comfortable with without appropriate clothing. Driver, surprisingly, went very straight.
  24. How much are you willing to pay? Haha Its an interesting idea. It would be a little annoying to constantly sort through balls after picking but to hit some good balls would be nice. The 1 rule would be irons only I think, with the woods and ability of some to lose balls over the fence in summer. I doubt we’d order a ton so we don’t want to be losing a couple balls every bucket. I do know a private course that has regular balls for irons and limited flight for woods specifically for not losing balls past the fence Regarding yardage signs with limited flight, I’d prefer the placeme
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