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  1. You can’t have serious golf without first knowing why you are out there, aka having fun. I’ve seen a number of people put away the clubs recently because they didn’t know why they played. They took it so seriously to get better that they lost themselves a bit. Especially with kids, i try to make their playing and learning of the game as fun as i can. In my game, I almost never look like I’m having fun, but there’s no place I’d rather be than out on the course. The one exception, like Monday, is when its 40 degrees, windy and raining an inch in 4hrs. Ill sit that out next time. 😂
  2. The course I previously worked at had full distance srixon range balls. My current course has srixon flight limited balls. Through some messing around with mevo and both types of range ball, it came really close to 10% less carry on long clubs. Short clubs/wedges were actually pretty close, energy transfer is already low We order new range balls every year. Many people hate used looking balls. Having new ones makes the experience a lot better.
  3. I’d definitely be willing to be a moderator. Been around almost 10yrs and visit the site very regularly to check things out. Obviously have golf experience and teaching.
  4. Most popular line from the announcers today, "And there is Bobby Brown, former caddy of Dustin Johnson." I am hoping DJ can keep momentum and finish strong. He deserves more major wins.
  5. More bend will help with the second question. By standing tall with little lower body rotation/movement, the body is more in the way and hands will tend to go out at the top and get steep coming down. More spine angle bend and hip turn will create more room for the hands to shallow the club. Swing thoughts and feels are personal. It'll depend on if you are a visual learner or feel learner.
  6. Start in the set up. Get left hand fingers more on the grip, stand a little further from ball and feel the chest bend over a little more. To get the face parallel to lead arm at the top of the backswing (square to closed face), you could make grip stronger or work on bowing the wrist. I'd say get grip a little stronger.
  7. I really like my spiked Asics shoes. Very comfortable with the same water proofing as most shoes these days. I've played a lot of rounds in them already and no issues.
  8. I have some decent speed, but I’d enjoy another 5mph, if possible. I also don’t have much else to do in winter. I’ll likely use the speed radar that came with it.
  9. I’ve had some minor anxiety this summer. I don’t remember the root of it, but my symptoms were nausea, didn’t want to eat, a little fatigue, and the nervousness got worse when I went to test for Covid just in case. Golf has always been my escape, though (gaming was an escape too). Good thing I work at a course. Never had anxiety to that level before this summer.
  10. I definitely don't have all the answers, but I always enjoy talking with our superintendent about everything we do.
  11. Yeah there's a lot of different methods now too. This fall, we first rolled the greens, then sanded, aerified using solid tines (so basically punches the sand into the ground), then double verticut (criss cross pattern to further punch sand into the ground), then dragged a mat to fill the holes in with remaining sand on the surface. Soil temperatures were warm, so we fully recovered in a week and a half which is fast, at least around here. If you are pulling cores, you would run the machine then sand and drag. Verticutting is nice to in conjunction with aerifying but is not necessary.
  12. I want to try for a couple hours just to see how close I could get. This summer, I’ve destroyed two cups from landing in the hole and with liners these days, who knows what would’ve happened with normal depth.
  13. This tournament I only have 2 guys that look like they'll make the cut, unless something magical happens. When no "big" names play, I tend to suck at predicting people.
  14. Golf Channel is on constantly in my shop. I listen in every now and then during Morning Drive. Definitely watch all events. But, I can check only 2 or 3 off that list.
  15. Just curious, how many of us plan to use BD for the masters?
  16. It took me way longer to birdie #15 at my home course than I imagined and I still only have 1 on that hole. Its a 90 degree dogleg right with no real opportunity to cut any of it off, which leaves 150+yds from the green. It’s also a weird approach, or it just got in my head that I hadn’t birdied it and I kept thinking I had to. Either way, got it and a few eagles.
  17. Asics teamed up with Srixon this year to offer a golf shoe in North America. I’ve been rocking them this summer and into fall, and I love them! I haven’t had a single issue with them yet. Waterproof, breathable, and comfortable. Need to change out my spikes, though, as they are toast. I have the boa version. They remind me of the FJ freestyle, but the asics plays better. Anyone else using them? SRIXON / ASICS GOLF PARTNERSHIP | Srixon Srixon
  18. It’s interesting when the fairways roll out a mile. I played a tourney this summer where I was going 2iron wedge into 450yd holes. Make the fairways super soft but still cut short, and I’d have to use driver to get a wedge in. It’s still a lot of fun either way.
  19. Chambers Bay may never host again, not because of the greens, they roll great now. It’s because it was a terrible venue for spectators. Off the fairway is dune grass that could twist your ankle if you’re not careful. Can’t walk easily in dunes or anywhere around that place. It is a massive piece of land but not built for people watching. Another PNW giant that won’t host a big pro event is Bandon. There’s nothing outside of that tiny town for an hour. Zero resources. Chambers and Bandon are both difficult and big pieces of land but not capable of hosting due to spectator and media necessities.
  20. Are we talking about a brand new person to game of golf deciding whether 18 is in their wheelhouse or whether to stick to 9 holes? Or about someone, normal golfer, paying to play 9 but upgrades or not to play another or the other 9? When I first read the topic, I assumed the first one. But most people are responding in the form of the second one. In response to the first, I’d assume some golfers do not make the leap to full length golf courses from executives (or 9 to 18 holes, either way). Could be location, price, or motivation. I’m sure the PGA has something to predict what perce
  21. During wind storms at my course, I routinely hear trees falling. It’s very scary. I was hitting balls during one wind storm and a 5ft branch landed straight up, a couple inches behind an older lady. Not sure what damage it would have done, but she left after that.
  22. Debate time - Why does the golf ball... - Ian James Poulter | Facebook Debate time - Why does the golf ball travel so far? Is there an easy fix? Let me know your thoughts... Interesting idea to potentially introduce a minimum driver loft. Haven’t heard that one before.
  23. My state association held it virtually and posted to youtube. Then has a link to take the quiz to be certified.
  24. Uh really? There is no provisional in scrambles. If a ball is lost, why on earth would you want to use a guys provisional potentially hitting 4? If I were the ruling body, I'd say that after you hit from the first guys tee shot position, that's it. If you end up finding your ball, you should've looked first, not after, tough luck.
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