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  1. Say Orlando. Are you a man or a woman? Knowing that will help many of us understand your post.
  2. What is going on? Out at the grassy and quiet practice range doing my 50 yard pitches up to the green, all going good with 52* A wedge, 46* p wedge, very happy. Suddenly, no advance notice, here come 6 shitty shank shots, in a row, both clubs. . Look at the hosel, and sure enough there are the ball marks. All shots zip off to the right, about 45* off target line. Having a hard time figuring out what is happening with my body motions to cause this. Something suggests that i am sending my hips out towards the ball on the downswing, esp right hip. This causes right arm to go along 45* angle towards ball resulting in clubhead way twisted and open, meaning hosel strikes ball before clubface gets to ball. Any help available or comments on my theory? BTW, have been working on getting flatter swing so might be some confused action going on between lower/upper body parts. The shanks are a huge drag and brings NO benefits, esp to confidence game.
  3. Come on Rolopolo. Is that layout real, now and today, or only hypothetical, based on Ernie's, and Gary's, hopes and dreams? Seems too good to be true. Any cheap motels nearby?
  4. I'm trying to get flatter too. I'm ok round the green, pitches and such but more difficult on longer clubs to get flatter. My feeling is that the flatter swing lets me engage my hip turn easier. Like more body parts moving around, twisting to the right. If my hips ain't twisting that ball ain't goin' far. Here's a video of MAJimenez. At the top of his backswing, in which direction is his belly button facing? He moves his hips way round. his shoulders rotate round too.
  5. "They're a sponsor". Which may = free to me. And there does seem to be some subtle promotion going round here which gotta be expected.
  6. I'd still like to know 'what is HAM'? Yeah, Rory's playing good. Just warming up for his national open, THE IRISH OPEN, 2 weeks hence.
  7. Hey, shorty. did you mean to say that you think the admins can read all private messages posted through the tst server? or, that you know that is the case?
  8. Well now, saevel25, let's not get carried away. Even if started on correct line, as you say in the first inches, those few inches say nothing about the merit of the total line of putt. But i could agree that there is no stronger predictor of success than the first 8 inches. I'm gonna buy a chalk line today and get out early tomorrow morn to 'lay down my line', at least the first foot. I saw a lovely slo-mo putt on the TV an hour ago. MAJimenez from 6 inches off the green, strongly down hill, 16 feet away. The camera was looking at the ball only, very close up, and in slo-mo we could see the putter head slowly approach the ball, the contact moment, the further clubhead movement and the resulting ball motion. What impressed me mostly was the extreme constancy of the arc of the head, moving along precisely one-fourth inch above the grass blades from behind the ball, on through to finish. Mechanical, very mechanical. Putt missed by half inch, stopping inch away.
  9. I got one pair bought on sale, $100, at PGA store in Naples, FL last December. They're good but rubber along sole edge won't last forever, that i can see. Comfy enough but had to go to size 14 to get into the shoe. The heel flap with Velcro is weird. I'll try for wider next time but now i alternate with old FootJoys normal leather shoes. Both pairs serve. Name this person: best known for her collection of some three thousand pairs of shoes (but not one TRUE).
  10. A Jim Beam Driver? Good on ya mate. And do the Japanese products help your game? Many Asians, those with money, play for 'face'. Better to look good and rich, and don't worry about the game. If you were to whip out the golden driver on the tee box at Hirono, let me tell you, all will give you 'big face'. If you do get that tee time at Hirono and need a 4th, give me a bell. Thnx.
  11. I'm surprised to read that female bowlers can compete. I would have thought more strength to impart more speed to the bowling ball would help knock down the pins thus favoring men.
  12. I'd also say that some readers are long behind the latest post so perhaps what feels to you like 'piling on' is only their personal expression and any desire to affect you is not their intent. But of course, the opposite may be true in a few cases.
  13. Yes, looked like a large rock stuck in mother earth but i knew better. It was an old, weathered and gray upright termite mound, maybe a meter tall. I saw no termites on the hill. I did recall the Rules which permit free relief from worm casts and crawfish holes so figured all animal constructions count in the same category. I dropped behind the mound one club length and carried on. Correct?
  14. Yeah, when said individual becomes 'click bait'.
  15. Not golf, nor basketball. But how about snooker, or curling? Shooting a pistol or casting a lure out onto the still quiet pond? These less physically demanding sports may find the ladies as good as the men. Darts anyone? Appreciate any discussion. Or is there something in the mental makeup of one sex or the other which will permit superior performance in these lower physical sports? Not calling chess a sport, but i don't think men and women compete at the highest level despite nearly zero physical needs. So perhaps something in the genes (or jeans) gives men the edge.
  16. 'Carry your sword as long as you must' This a famous old quotation, attributed to some early Quaker preacher. As long as you see violence as a solution to human problems, then carry your sword. If no one tells the gun toting cowboy that he is unwanted in your town, then he will stay and believe he is welcome. If you don't want to play golf, maybe even share a buggy, with someone who needs to carry a gun during a round of golf, then be certain to tell that bloke that you don't approve. It's not like whether i eat meat and you do not. The choice of the vegan has no possible direct bearing on me. But the gun slinger will always reach for the weapon when he feels threatened or dis-respected and once the fire-blazing handgun is unleashed, all nearby, including me, are in mortal danger. It's less the gun, but more the carrier and whether he has his head on/off the correct way that gets in the way of real discourse. Recent news about deputy sheriffs, off-duty cops, old cops etc shooting up someone, often recklessly tells most of us that very few carriers have the needed training and stable personality to go thru life with a gun in hand.
  17. I can identify the NAME players when they reach the 'celebrity' pages of Google news. Rickie's getting close, due to gf.
  18. Notice that RMcIlroy has enticed RFowler to join him at the 2015 Irish Open Royal Co. Down, 28 May, in Northern Ireland. http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2015/tournamentid=2015040/index.html
  19. She is a hard mistress to dismiss, that lady called 'golf'. She tugs on your private mind like no one else can do.
  20. joekelly


    Started at Univ of Iowa and played 3 great years. Then onto Ohio State and a few more seasons. Went to Sugar Bowl Rugby Tourney in New Orleans from Iowa City one early Feb, just at Carnival. Had a long tiring weekend and lost the title match to Pensacola Naval Air Station. I was always front row, ether side. Always enjoyed the game, the prep and the party. Thrilling years in the midwest for me.
  21. Thank god for that edit comment. Outside, the fresth air, the green grass, birds singing, flowers blooming, cells off, focus on the moment...those are the best features of golf. There is no 'normal' progression. Every player/golfer/wannbe is different in many ways so the way is open to you to progress as you want/can. Best wishes.
  22. The 'Rules' are simply laws, entirely mutable by their makers. There is no mr. muhammad in Golf.
  23. Do you have the total weight of the brass insert? Need heavier? Go with fourth inch of concrete (no stones), layer on some epoxy and finish with simple brass plate. To grind out the old stuff, did you try various dental tools?
  24. Gotta be pulling for Kelly. But do like Na too.
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