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  1. I noticed it on sale for $150 on Amazon through Thursday. I may have to pick one up too, at a value price
  2. After thinking about it more, launch angle could be key. I typically have always hit more down on impact vs. up. Something I was working on this year was hitting up on the ball with driver, but I just realized it's not something I've maintained a focus on lately and could have slipped back into the old habit. Launch angle might be more important to pay attention to with a low spin driver?
  3. My swing speed ranges from 105-115. I don't know if it's the shaft being .5" shorter, or just a little different than the shaft on the G15 (which I understand they're similar other than the .5"). [quote name="Lihu" url="/t/18426/average-distances-how-far-do-you-hit-each-club-and-dont-lie/2220#post_1199719"] I was just wondering if the 1700rpm optimum backspin is dependent upon air density? [/quote] I typically play anywhere at an elevation 4400 - 7000 ft (and 400 ft when I go back home). The ball does fly farther of course at elevation, but yea, I don't know how much the spin vs. Elevation
  4. Agreed... 'How far' one hits each each club doesn't matter. What matters is 'knowing how far' so one can choose the appropriate club. [quote name="Lihu" url="/t/18426/average-distances-how-far-do-you-hit-each-club-and-dont-lie/2220#post_1199690"] Just out of curiosity, do the low spin clubs increase distances like they do down at sea level? [/quote] I'm not sure of the physics of the low spin question. However, I can say from experience I switched from a G15 to a G30 LS a few months ago, and I have lost a little distance. Not sure why though
  5. Here is the differential calc if it's helpful: [(score - rating)*113]/slope * .96
  6. I don't think the OP asked what you shoot, or how the course he's referring to compares to a tour caliber course
  7. Yea, she's obviously a little warmed up already when going through the routine (she's moving pretty quick) haha. Nonetheless, it's a pretty good, quick way to get loosened up. Glad you found it helpful too
  8. I've been keeping an eye on the reviews for a bit over a month now, and don't see any negative feedback, anywhere. Based on that, I put in an order for the sample pack late last week, and should have them by next weekends' round. Looking forward to giving them a go, and will also post feedback, even though I was not part of the test group.
  9. The Ultimate 5 Minute Golf Warm Up Search it in YouTube, I've been doing these warm ups this year. Works well for me. Also, check out the exercise and fitness part of this forum. There's a lot on there about this topic
  10. Search this on YouTube - The Ultimate 5 Minute Golf Warm Up I found this over the winter and started using it this year. It's quick and gets everything loose. I like to get in 20 balls and some chips and putts as well when possible.
  11. I don't know the answer. My guess would be just keep them wiped down after use, not sure there's any special way to care for them otherwise
  12. I used to be very solid with fairway woods, but I struggle with them now. I pretty much stick to a 3h and 4i... If I can't hit a green with them, I rely on the wedges. As far as maintaining the HCP, just learn to play with what's working for you... Sometimes game plans change (temporarily or longer). A new club may work, it may not.
  13. She needs to hit the gym... Not quite there yet
  14. A guy in the traveling league I play in just got these, so I saw them in person today. The pictures do not do them justice... They look really nice in person. Didn't get the chance to take a few shots with them, but maybe in the coming weeks. He's only had them a week, but says he very happy with them
  15. If you're not playing in a league, tournament, or money games... Then keep using it if you want to. It's not going to hurt anybody else. One thing to consider though, if you want to make sure your putter is still OK for competition... If you really like the head, go to a pro shop and see what the options are to re-shaft it.
  16. I think you'd only be crazy if you didn't go try them both, before making a decision. Then pick up the one you like better. As far as traditional lofts... Your 48 wedge would likely go away. A traditional PW loft is more in the 46-48 degree range. However, lofts aren't everything, what matters is if one has consistent distance gaps between clubs (loft plays a role, but it's not necessarily the only deciding factor), especially in the mid-short irons.
  17. Don't know if you have the option or not, but on the rare occasion I do order stuff online, I always do it from my work computer... Much more secure than my personal computer, as they keep everything locked up annoyingly tight. If you have a secure option like that, maybe would give you some piece of mind
  18. The Get Some is only $20 a dozen without a bulk order, and free shipping
  19. I'm not big on buying stuff online either, but I've been keeping an eye on the Snell balls for about a month now, and I haven't seen anything negative either regarding the balls or the company. I bit the bullet and ordered the sample pack to try... I'm hoping I like them, the tour ball has a 6 dozen deal which works out to $26 a dozen. Can't beat that. For anyone interested in other non-brand name balls... A friend of mine swears by Vice balls (he's a single digit if it matters to anyone). It's a German company, and he orders them online in bulk and gets big discounts. Just throwing it ou
  20. I didn't take the poll because neither really fit for me. I do buy beer at the course when they sell it. If/when they don't (due to the religious atmosphere out here, courses can't sell it on Sundays), I do bring a couple of my own. So... half the time I do the right thing, half the time I don't.
  21. But it's not a gray area. By definition, it's theft. There's no way around it. It's petty theft, so it's not a huge deal. Much worse things a person can do. But it is still theft. I'm just surprised as others, that people are trying to find a way to argue it's not theft. If people said "hey, yea technically I guess it is theft. But it's only $1 or $2, so I don't feel too bad about it".... Then OK.
  22. And considering it's petty theft, no one is going to waste their resources appealing... Unless they're a multi-millionaire who's willing to fight it just based on principle.
  23. If one has permission, it's not theft. If one does not have permission, it is theft. How are people continuing to miss the logic?
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