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  1. I agree we visit Orlando a lot and you can be just about anywhere in the city and throw a rock to the nearest golf course. They are everywhere.
  2. Little spoiled, as the course where I work and play most of my golf is 5 minutes from my house. There are several courses I play that are 30-45 minutes away though. I have even driven 3 hours each way to play a good course in Northern NM.
  3. Having this "secret" list and whatnot just smacks of yet another weak attempt to curb slow play without actually ever having to hand out a penalty or really even deal with the issue. If the PGA Tour really wanted to curb slow play and were willing to actually penalize players in the process, then they would come up with a strong POP policy. A policy that would not only allow officials to penalize slow players, it would expect them to.
  4. Very competitive. After all one of the reasons I play golf is to compete. Obviously, not every one of my rounds is for money, but even when I don't play for money there is a good bit if competitive fire and shit talking going on. When we play for money its normally skins, greenies, and robins. If you have a great day you may walk away $20 richer and vice versa.
  5. I keep wanting to give Patrick Reed the benefit of the doubt, but I just cannot anymore. He is a man child, nothing more. His repeated behavior on and off the course just smacks of an immaturity that shouldn't be present in a man turning 30 this year. He reminds me of my children when they were 2 or 3. The pouting, the whining, the cheating, enough is enough. Grow up, take your balls away from that nut job of a wife you have, and start making some mature decisions in your life.
  6. @RyanC74 As a few others said need some more information, the most important being time of year you expect to visit.
  7. I was 15 and had just gotten my drivers license, I am sure I was out committing various moving violations.
  8. If they played from the same tees as the Open Division then they would be the Club Champion in my eyes. Normally this cannot happen as only the Open Division plays the Championship tees and all the others play one up. I don't know why you would play a net division from the back tees, if those guys want to play with the big boys, then play with the big boys. I think you're kind of a sissie if you have the ability to play for the gross championship and choose the net.
  9. Easy guys, the great thing about golf is the fact people of all abilities can compete and be successful. That being said the Club Champion is traditionally the best player in the club and should always come from the open gross division. That doesn’t mean you can’t have net flights that play alongside that flight, not everyone should be forced into one flight.
  10. Ok troll. I don't know if you saw the name if the thread but, its called One in a Million Shots. I "believed" I had him beat by merely finishing the hole as I had a large lead. He then hit a One in a Million Shot to beat me hence me telling the story in a thread called ONE IN A MILLION SHOTS!
  11. I've won the Club Championship at my club five times. It's a two-day stroke play gross competition from the back tees to determine the club champ. Everyone else just plays in a "regular" net tournament from the middle or forward tees. My lowest score in my five wins was 68-69 (-7), but one year I won it with a score of 73-74 (+3).
  12. No, he's not that good of a teacher, I know you're on Facebook.
  13. Well there's probably a reason for that.
  14. My buddy invited me to join a Facebook group for Mike Papp and his new "Angle of Attack". I checked it out and some of the stuff on there is pretty wonky. I haven't seen Mike Papp say anything too crazy yet, but some of the other stuff on there is way off. Ball flight laws and of course the old argument of short game vs long game. He, as a moderator, has done nothing to curb any of the craziness, I just wonder if he agrees or what. Either way, I feel sorry for people just learning the game, no wonder many quit when you see the amount of wrong information out there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/angleofattackgolf/?fref=mentions
  15. Sounds fun, now the temperature needs to cooperate so I can get out on the course!
  16. The shot that irritates me the most is a poor approach shot from inside 100 yards. I wouldn't call any shot "demoralizing" it's still a game, and it's the next shot that counts.
  17. With a healthy helping of god given talent and a whole lot of hard work it's possible. It took me about 7 years to get to scratch I believe. The first 4-5 years of that were spent basically living at a golf course.
  18. While I certainly wouldn't want to play golf with my wife, I certainly do not agree with Mr. Puddles rather sexist remark. I have played golf with many ladies over the year including a couple LPGA pros and several collegiate players, they were all quite enjoyable. I am not concerned at all with gender, I just prefer my playing partners to be able to play to a certain level of proficiency. I don't want to have to look for their ball 3 times every hole and I don't want to sit and watch someone skull it 4 times before we even get to my ball.
  19. I'll take the cash, I can wait to shoot 67 until the second day of spring.
  20. Good luck man, I play golf to get away from my wife. We've been married 20 years, and we spend plenty of time together without me having to take her to the golf course with me. Funny story, this past summer my buddy and I were catching an afternoon 18 and the twosome in front of us was a man and his wife (or girlfriend I don't know for sure). I don't know what he had done, but she was pissed off at him. The #6 green and #7 teebox are right next to each other and as we drove up they were walking off the box and she was giving him an ear full. I turned to my buddy and said that's why I don't play golf with my wife. The next three holes that guy was always on the opposite side of the fairway from her, I know it was on purpose. 😜
  21. Sorry but you still have a course handicap of 17 there whereas I would have 0. So I would have to shoot a gross 58 to beat you. Like I said thats why I don't give strokes. Good round, hopefully that handicap drops quickly.
  22. Wouldn't be one hole, but I had back to back eagles, both on par 4s about 15 years ago. Holes #6 and #7 at my home course one is a 300yard drivable par 4 I hit 3 wood to two feet. Then on the next hole, a 365 yard downhill par 4 I knocked driver on the front then made about a 25 foot eagle putt, it was pretty cool. An 18 handicap shot 76? And people wonder why I don't give strokes.
  23. Comparing your score against the course rating would be the best way to assess your score. Par is just a number, the course rating gauges the overall difficulty of a course. That's why GHIN and the new World Golf handicap system use your score compared to the course rating to determine your handicap. Ive shot 65 three times and all three came from different course ratings. Two of them came from the same course but different sets of tees where one came from a different course. Two of the course ratings were slightly under 70, but one was from tees rated at 72.2. That's technically the best round I've ever shot because it had a difference of 7.2.
  24. 65 (-7) I have done it 3 times. The first time was in a member-guest tournament where I was the guest. I was a 1 handicap at the time...they were not happy.
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