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  1. Really pumped for this this week, I think more than most Opens. Lots of a great story lines that could come about. DJ make it 2 majors this year and truly solidify himself above the other big 3. Day make it 2 to steal DJ's thunder? Both have had some decent records in the UK. Can Rory get hot with the putter and retake his crown if you will? What about Jordan? Can he complete what he just missed out on last year? That might make it a big 2 with him and Rory. Adam Scott has possibly the best track record at the Open more than anyone. Can he get his 2nd major and make it a big 5, or at least steal the younger guys' thunder? Hell, even Sergio people are talking about. Really like the chances this week for the big names, as usual I guess. I just feel pretty much anyway it ends up, it should be a great story. The intriguing piece to me is Rory. Troon is possibly going to play easy Thurs/Fri. When Rory gets off to a hot start on a softer course, he has run away with tournaments. Conditions might set up for him to have a chance to do that and that putt might not even need to become any issue. Who knows?
  2. So someone please do elaborate on all the hate for Leadbetter as I am very curious? Have the times passed him by? Or what exactly is the reason for all the hate?
  3. I guess but look at the difference even in 2013 when he was 22nd from his apex to the #1 ranked Day. Tiger was closer to the #100 ranked guys. And again, hitting that long iron piercing low as he can do pretty well, he knows that is the only way he can survive at The Open. He knows how bad his driver is. And again, my point was, I think he is done, but The Open IMO is his only shot for the aforementioned reasons.
  4. Yeah Sergio seems like a different player these days. UK might be a good shot for him as he has a good history there.
  5. Ok and he was 62nd in 2012 and 78th in 2007. He knows his driver is awful and has a great ability to hit that low stinger at The Open. Hell that was lots of what he was doing at CB last year.
  6. I kinda like Adam Scott for this. For having 2 wins this year, he almost had flown right under the radar. Think a softened Troon would set up nicely for him to get some redemption in the UK.
  7. The game has passed him by and he is effectively done. The tour is just too deep with talent these days. IF he were to have any shot at a major The Open Championship has gotta be he best option. He is too terrible off the tee for any other major. Also his lower ball flight now would help in the UK.
  8. Justin Thomas. He has the distance to keep up with the power game that is today. He is good friends with Jordan and Rickie so once he gets his breakthrough win, everyone will add him to the young stars list. He needs to get better around and on the greens, but once he get a good win in America, he will be a household name. I do like Koepka. Seems to keep an even keel and have a nice game off the tee. DeChambeau is a big of an enigma. He comes off as a giant maniac and sometimes overthinking the game can just absolutely ruin a player, other times (VJ and others) it can lead to a tremendous career. Rahm's game is quite impressive I must say. He's got a lot of competitive fire and a good attitude at the same time; really like that in a player.
  9. I know i'm in the minority, but I just feel like time has passed the Olympics. They have lost all integrity they had left with all the cheating. Golf just doesn't feel right in the Olympics and the committee could not have picked a worse venue given all the obvious red flags. Golf might be a one and done in the Olympics with all these stars backing out and the fact its right in the middle of their season. Also, the fact that you have virtually 1 tourney in between the US Open and The Open, and then the PGA Championship on the other end, kinda adds a lackluster feel to this PGA tour season. It feels like we have a major every week; just sad.
  10. Really wish some of the other wonderful west coast courses would get the privilege to host. LA Country Club is gonna be fun. Wish Spyglass, Bandon Dunes, Cypress Point would get a shot. Also, The Prairie Club in Nebraska is an awesome place. Wish they would open their eyes to some middle America venues; too often overlooked.
  11. This field is very lackluster even for after a major and Congressional is overrated. Bummed because I really like the RTJ course last year.
  12. Oakmont is the perfect site. The Turnpike is for the most part a non factor. Oakmont is logistically sound, has the history, obvious difficulty, great site lines in person and on tv, etc. Its one of the top 3 US Open sites IMO; if not the best. I do wish they would use a lot of the other sites they once did however. I was in the minority who really did not like Pinehurst. Wish they would use Merion, Olympic Club, Olympia Fields, and Southern Hills more often. Interested to see if LA Country Club will be a hit and get thrown into the rotation, also Erin Hills next year looks real exciting.
  13. I guess I am going to resign myself to this: The rules are the rules and I get 18-2 while I still think its a little absurd. The penalty didn't affect the result, but could down the road. My problem is what most people's issues are with waiting 7 holes to notify the player then making the decision post round. I think the USGA will learn from that. But also I really have a big issue with the fact that the player's police themselves and that is what is great about golf compared to most sports, along with the playing partner's opinion/take as well as the walking rules official who also gave the blessing. Seems like there is far too much belittling for lack of a better word to the player, partner and walking rules official, along with technology being a double edged sword. Is what it is, but I do think the rule should be looked at going forward. The biggest issue of all is the thing with Wattel.
  14. Goosen will get in. If Couples makes it than Furyk sure as hell deserves to.
  15. Gotta commend Westwood today for how he has handled playing terribly and being a great partner with DJ. Good stuff to see.
  16. I did that once, but it was like 150 yards shorter and still managed to find the rough.
  17. As much as I bitch about Fox, I do like Steve Flesch's take.
  18. LOL Steve Elkington: "just imagine if Bubba was DJ"
  19. How much troll would the NBA be if Steph hit a "3" to win it by 1 and then they call him and Kerr over after they hoist the trophy and the fans leave and tell them it was a 2 pointer?
  20. Meh disagree with that. I think you would have more of a debate from media personnel. Golf Digest is having a field day, as are some GC guys and obviously Fox.
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