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  1. Wanted to break this down a little bit more in detail. Driving - Sit move. I can do it as much as I want it seems. Quality of strike is good from there, just a matter of clubface control and contact that dictates the result. Hit a couple of big sweeping toe draws that were still in play. Very happy with the way I drove the ball today. Irons - Contact is great when I'm not hitting them fat, though I hit a bunch of pulls today. I think the pulls come from early IR of my right shoulder or the hands rolling over from A6-A8. Either way it's a clubface control issue. Need to feel the face stay open through impact, then I hit my intended line with a baby draw or fade. Fat shots need to go away, though. Swaying back a little bit (as I've always done) in the backswing and not getting enough weight forward at times. Partial Wedges - Kind of the same as the irons. Strange that these were a strength in my game up until a couple of weeks ago. Might just be regressing to the mean. Having some low point control issues with these. Short Game - I was right about ball position. Pitched and chipped very well today. Putting - Made more than my share of mid-range putts. Had some issues with contact on longer putts as I mentioned above. I toed them with too much loft at impact and the ball would hop and skip and then die well short of the hole. This happened twice today and both times I was able to make the resulting 8-10' putt, but that's not exactly a reliable way to lag putt. I really need to focus on quality contact on long putts.
  2. View this round on GAME GOLF Nice bounce back round for me. Thought for a bit there I was going to get through the round with one ball, but that dream died on 15. Drove the ball well today, despite putting myself behind several trees. Kept pulling my iron shots though and partial wedges weren't good at all today. Pitched and chipped very well. Putt well, with a caveat: excellent from 30' and in, but >30' I couldn't hit the ball hard enough cleanly for good distance control.
  3. I didn't think intent mattered but I also didn't want to make the assumption.
  4. I don't know if he intentionally did it or not, but it does seem that he improved his lie by clearing out some loose dirt in that practice swing.
  5. Just watch out for the Phil Mickelson-esque side hustle I hear @Golfingdad likes to run 😜
  6. No change at 12.8. Two bad rounds in VA knocked off two bad rounds from last year. Going up next review unless I make some magic happen. Next round coming off was my best round last year and second best differential on the card.
  7. It's not the swing that "breaks the camel's back" that's the problem, but all the minor damage done to it on previous misses. I'm guessing you tend to miss pretty far towards the hosel with a faster swing speed - puts extra stress on the shaft. I've broken three driver shafts in the past and they've all been when my primary miss was towards the heel. Actually, it does. Stiffer shafts have more layers of graphite.
  8. No, we're virtually certain the dog moved the golf ball. What we weren't certain of is if he ate it or not, which is irrelevant 😉 Glad to hear your dog is ok. Well worth the cost to know.
  9. When you paste the link, you have to click paste as plain text in the popup box that appears.
  10. You're overthinking it. It's a piece of metal on a stick. You're not recreating yesterday's look with today's technology. Most of the technology is built into the look.
  11. Why would you assume anybody who can hit the ball as far as a tour pro is also hitting the ball as consistently well as a tour pro? Hell it doesn't even have to be a tour pro. I know lots of people who don't hit it as far as I do and are better golfers than I am.
  12. I think taking the pin out and then taking the glove off put it over the top for me. Need to have the glove off for maximum feel on 8" putts 🤣
  13. @saevel25, 28 seconds for a tap-in?!? 😜
  14. You didn't mention this in the OP. If the rest of your game is solid and the driver is the odd duck in your bag, it's likely your driver doesn't fit your swing. There's no good reason you can hit the ball solidly with every other club in your bag. With a good fitting driver you should be as accurate as you are with your 3w and 20 yards longer.
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