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  1. “Michigan Man Arrested for Disrupting Baseball Broadcast”
  2. Just tried to upload my round again. It's no longer on my device and not in my unsigned rounds, so it's gone. I'm done.
  3. Playing golf and babysitting my kids while trying to play golf are two different things. Unless you’re saying I need to practice babysitting for when I meet up with you in Sand Valley?
  4. I pull my clubs from the handle side of the cart since the bag is leaning towards me as opposed to away from me.
  5. Also I just looked, my longest pockets are actually in the front of this bag, so in actuality my longest clubs are in fact in the longest pockets. I was looking at my old bags which are shaped differently. But the point is still valid. Get those long clubs away from the cart. That round thing next to the bag logo. Isn’t that a putter well? For putting your putter in?
  6. Yea, the opposite of that. Also, you have a putter well, use it 😃
  7. My longest clubs are in the shortest pockets in my bag. The side closest to the pockets on the front of the bag and farthest away from the back of the bag which sits against my push cart and a riding cart. It’s the same side.
  8. It’s pretty easy to adjust to. The wedges are at hand as I walk the cart and nothing hits my graphite shafts because they’re on the high side of the bag. It word better when I ride, too, because the cart and cover doesn’t interfere with the long clubs.
  9. Shorter. The wedges are in the deepest pockets.
  10. Like I always tell people, how will you ever know you can pull of a shot when the pressure is on during a tournament if you don’t hit that shot during a casual round?
  11. My longest clubs are opposite my cart. @iacas rearranged my bag last year or the year before and I haven’t changed it since.
  12. Somehow I doubt my ability to block out distractions has anything to do with how well I play. But hey, maybe I’ll be the first guy to get to scratch by working on the mental game 😜
  13. I’d be better with more reps, period. Practicing early in the season is easy because I’ve been cooped up in the house all winter. Practicing in the summertime is another story. I generally don’t want to be outside after spending most of the day working in the sun and I f***ing hate mosquitoes. The last thing I need to do is supervise and entertain my kids while I’m trying to play golf. Neither of them are interested in playing so the whole round will be “I’m bored/tired/hungry,” “Are you done yet?”That won’t help my game at all.
  14. He sure did, it got a lot of the plate. That’s kind of my point. It’s hard to tell, but the K Zone nailed it. It helps fans see it. I can take it or leave it because I’ve watched a lot of baseball in my life, but I firmly believe the K Zone is good for the game. It gives casual fans a better understanding of the game and hardcore fans something to use in discussions. And at the end of the day, we can all agree: Angel Hernandez is a terrible umpire.
  15. @Billy Z I recorded this just for you 😃 Did it catch the plate or no?
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