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  1. Is there a way to automatically opt-out of all e-mail updates for every thread? I don't mind getting a few updates but I'd like to have to opt-in first to do so. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Trying to make the first putt automatically avoids the 3...
  3. I try to be relatively serious when I play and it's definitely easier to do when playing a solo round. But even then I can't get too angry about poor play since I'm not aspiring to play professionally. Anyway, if I was the OP I'd simply chalk it up to a learning experience and expect future rounds with the neighbor to be more social than serious.
  4. Banshee. I watched a few episodes of Justified and was pretty disappointed; I thought there would be a lot more action. Plus the best actor in the show wasn't even the star, it was the guy who played Boyd imo. I'd like to find another action-y show like that to watch though. Preferably something not "dumb".
  5. The unsolicited advice thing is funny because I just had someone do that to me during my last round. In fact, I've had that happen so rarely I forgot people even do it but man was it irritating. Anyway, I caught up to a twosome on 18 and they asked me to play in with them. 18 is a par 5. My drive was excellent, I pushed my second shot into some trees trying to be aggressive, wasted the third shot getting out of the trees, and 4th shot was just short of the green... I was tired and hungry and wanted to go home and relax so I figured I'd putt from the fringe and 1 putt for a bogey and get out of there. Hit too strong of a putt and rolled several feet past the hole so now I was looking at a likely double bogey. 2-putted for the double bogey and then one of the guys in the twosome starts lecturing me on how I'm flicking my wrists when I putt.. which I know I do NOT do. I was putting uphill over 2 feet of fringe and simply misjudged how hard to hit the ball. Anyway I tried to be nice and humor the guy but the whole time I'm thinking "Man, those guys weren't joking when they say how annoying this is..." haha
  6. I still don't have an official handicap, the 20? is a joke. At first I didn't get a handicap because I was new to the game and didn't need a number to tell me I was bad. I think I'm good enough to warrant getting a handicap now but I still don't have one for a few reasons. 1.) I'll be moving again next spring and don't want to start the handicap process until I am moved and settled down. 2.) I play 99% of my rounds solo and to officially record rounds I think you need a playing partner. 3.) I don't have a team to enter tournaments with. I should be calculating an unofficial handicap anyway but I'm mostly just lazy. According to a free calculator on the web and estimating a typical round at the course I play the most it says I have a handicap of about 14.
  7. I don't track any of my stats but I'm sure my birdie conversion is poor. I very rarely get more than 1 birdie a round and most rounds I go birdieless. I think I'm not that bad at putting though oddly, I seem to be able to 1-2 putt a lot of the time. The missed GIRs is what wrecks me. Anyway, I'll have to get on one of these stat tracker programs sometime since it looks like it could be handy.
  8. I don't know about the rule but I know the course owes me a ball.
  9. I thought so. The characters were all different and interesting. Winona Rider's character actually annoyed me but it wasn't because she did a bad job, neurotic people just aren't my cup of tea. The missing kid's group of friends were great though, very funny and entertaining. The monster stuff was well done but not so scary that a family couldn't sit down and watch it imo. I would compare it to Goonies except with the slapstick dialed waaaay back.
  10. That would be right around a full lob wedge for me.
  11. Everyone has a mouth until it starts costing them paychecks. And I don't see him leaving the country over it. This guy is a douche imo.
  12. Watched some more stuff: Bastille Day - B action nonsense, bogey. Battleship - Excellent special effects but the story was so damn cheesy and ridiculous I almost shut it off, bogey. Blood Father - Random action with Mel Gibson, par. Neighbors 2 - Mildly amusing but not as funny as Neighbors 1, par. Range 15 - So terrible I couldn't even finish it, double bogey.
  13. The funniest scene I remember of this dude was in Young Frankenstein when Igor picks him up at the train station or whatever. They're making small talk and Wilder goes Ya know, I can probably help you with that hump. And Igor goes What hump? Then Wilder looks away all awkward like. Hilarious!
  14. Finished season 3 of Penny Dreadful. Ending was pretty dumb imo but whatever. Not a bad series overall. Finished season 1 of Stranger Things. I liked it, would watch more of it. Watched the first season of Banshee a while ago and forgot about it. Started off OK but got pretty ridiculous by the end of the season. Really doubt I'll watch more of it.
  15. Publicly I condemn these actions. Privately this dude is a champion for all that is righteous and good on the golf course.
  16. I watched the can one, was pretty interesting. 70% recycled every year is way more than I expected.
  17. Getting pretty sick of being stuck behind groups of 5 and slow foursomes. Doesn't seem to matter what time of day I roll out there, course will be empty except the four or fivesome that just happened to get there 5 minutes before me. Everyone from the shop staff to the players are nice, but they're probably too nice. I'm looking forward to getting out of here and back to courses that at least make a half-ass attempt to police the pace of play.
  18. I didn't even know what the 90 degree thing meant for probably my first 2 years playing. I also played a round once and got paired with a couple guys who were part of the grounds crew for the course we were playing. One of them kinda barked at me for not driving through the colored posts that apparently mark where you're supposed to enter and exit the fairway with your cart... another thing I had no idea about.
  19. Really? So there's no such thing as an insult?
  20. It's not good enough that this person knows you're not trying to offend them when you use those words? That's another problem I have with the PC nonsense, it's such an intellectually lazy position it's actually (and ironically) offensive.
  21. Speaking for myself I'm skeptical that someone is truly offended. I think there is a small group of people out there who have a chip on their shoulder and enjoy controlling people, or they simply enjoy attention whoring. Since the vast majority of people are pleasant, good-natured people then what better way to do that than suggest they're being offensive? I also look at intent. When these words were first being used was it likely the intent was to oppress or offend some group of people? Stuff like mankind, or man-made? I highly doubt it. Because 1 person, 100 people, 1000 people, maybe a million people out of 6 BILLION people claim to find a word that, never in its history of usage, has had a negative connotation offensive is not a legitimate reason to start re-arranging a language imo. I mean once you start going down this rabbit hole when does it end? Will eventually we be banning words like 'fat' because somewhere a fat person is offended by it? None of this is to be mistaken language that has always been derogatory. The city I live in has a large rail yard and I think it was a major railroad building hub back in the 1800s. Because of that and the immigrant history here there's a nearby mountain that was called Chink's Peak for like 100 years. I believe it's been changed because it was deemed offensive and I have no problem with something like that. Changing words like businessman, man-made, mankind etc, however, is simply asinine.
  22. Not true. Wikipedia has a great short explanation of what the law grants you: " Freedom of speech is the right to communicate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship." " Governments restrict speech with varying limitations. Common limitations on speech relate to libel, slander, obscenity, pornography, sedition, incitement, fighting words, classified information, copyright violation, trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements, the right to privacy, the right to be forgotten, political correctness, public security, public order, public nuisance, campaign finance reform, perjury, and oppression."
  23. Hahaha, what a flaming load of shit. Now you too can pay 100 grand a year to get brainwashed by some feminazi. I would comment more but I'm off to the club to try and pick up a woperson.
  24. Go for the foot, can probably still golf with a prosthetic foot.
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