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  1. I think it depends on how challenging the home course is. I play about 70% of my rounds at my home course and mid 80's is a good round for me there. It's a challenging course, short but very tight. On average, I usually score about 5-6 strokes better at my home course because I know where all the trouble is and what I can get away with. Only downside for me, since its short, I don't get to use my driver and long irons for approach shots much so I struggle somewhat on longer courses.
  2. 41/42 - 83 yesterday. Very happy with the round, wasn't great off the tee but good enough and the irons were spot on for the most part. Lag putting was a disaster though, too many 3 putts from long range.
  3. Down 0.7 to 14.3, not many weeks left in the official season so I'm guessing I'll probably end the year not too far off that number. Generally happy with that number (2.3 strokes better then where I started the year and 2.9 better than my high mark in June), although I was hoping to get into the 12 range when I started the year off. Definitely played better overall this season, seems like I had more good rounds (for me) during the year and far far fewer really bad rounds but not sure you could tell by looking at my HI...oh well.
  4. Tough call when you are playing with people you don't know, if I'm playing a round with friends I'll generally recommend just dropping one by a playing partner just to keep things moving along vs. teeing up multiple balls (unless there's no one behind us, then I really don't care).
  5. It used to be when I was off I was REALLY off. So far this year my bad days haven't been as far off of my good days score-wise, although they "feel" a lot worse then maybe the final score indicates (at least to me). My typical scores so far have ranged in the high 80's, if I'm in the mid 90's I feel like it's been a bad day and if I'm in the mid 80's I feel like its been a good day. Funny though, it hasn't been that long since a score in the mid 90's would have been a cause for celebration.
  6. Posted an ugly 94 (46/48) on the home course yesterday. Really really bad day off the tee with 4 penalties, thankfully I was hitting the irons half way decently, otherwise it would have been a complete disaster...oh well, back to the range tonight.
  7. I have a 20 and 23 hybrid that initially replaced my 3 and 4 irons. I used to also carry a 5w but no longer need it with the distance I now get with the 20 degree hybrid.
  8. If you can get to just north of the city, give JC Melrose (my home course) a shot. Used to be private for decades, went public a few years back. Short but tight course and conditions are usually very good. Only real knock is pace of play can be hit or miss, I've gotten on as a single late afternoon on a weekend and gotten a full round in in under 3 hours. On the flip side, I've also been stuck behind some of the slowest (and oblivious) groups known to man and slugged along for a 6 hour round. Not a lot of frills, but a good test and you don't need to be a bomber to enjoy it.
  9. Played Saturday and again on Monday at the same course. Shot an 83 (40/43) on Saturday and a 92 (44/48) on Monday, oddly enough, the swing didn't feel materially different from round-to-round, but was off just enough that I didn't give myself a lot of chances to score as well on Monday.
  10. I voted yes and yes. I definitely feel I'm playing better so far this year but, since feel ain't real, went back to look at my year-to-date stats from March 1 to now for this year compared to last. Most of my early season rounds are played on the home course so the stats are relatively comparable, a couple of notables: Rounds played: 11 so far this year compared to 6 last year Fairways: 36% vs. 20% Greens: 17% vs. 13% Average Par 3 Score: 4.2 vs. 4.0 Average Par 4 Score: 5.2 vs. 5.7 Average Par 5 Score: 5.6 vs. 6.3 Average Score: +20 vs. +26 Low Score: +13 vs. +18 Still a lot to work on, but I like the trajectory I'm on for the season so optimistic these will look continue to look better by peak season and into next year. Biggest key has been continuing the lessons, keeps me on track for sure.
  11. Played the home course Thursday and again on Sunday (with a lesson in between). Shot a 91 Thursday, 84 on Sunday. Stats really tell the story, fairways 43% vs. 29% which led to 33% GIR vs. 17% and 8 pars on Sunday vs. 3 on Thursday. Had to text my instructor mid-round I was so happy with my drives. Only bad part about Sunday's rounds was taking 2 penalty strokes on the same hole (into the drink off the tee and a lost ball into the woods to the right of the green). Other than that, a very nice day for me.
  12. Thanks for this, I've struggled with understanding the "why" to the rule change myself and this post makes the most sense.
  13. Personally I really enjoy playing a solo round, especially when the course is empty (which is rare but does happen on occasion). I used to be very bad about playing by the rules during my solo rounds, however, this year I told myself that I'm not helping myself at all by not taking my medicine for lost balls, poor shots, etc. Funny, I actually find it harder now to play by the rules when I play with some of my friends, many of whom are VERY generous with their stroke counts (but that's another topic altogether).
  14. Golf is not hard to play, but it is certainly hard to play well. Sure, anyone can grab some clubs and hack there way around a golf course and, for many, that's perfectly fine. For most, though, the enjoyment comes from how difficult it is to truly get better.
  15. Up .2 to a 16.3. Expecting it to go up with the next revision as the next couple of rounds will knock off some of my best scores from last summer. Overall, though, I'm much happier with the state of my game compared to where I was this time last year.
  16. Agreed, I feel like even if it never becomes my "natural" shot, I think the fundamentals I'm learning have and will continue to help me improve my overall ball striking.
  17. I'm definitely guilty of chasing the draw, although, it is something that my instructor wants me to work on. It's something I seem to be able to do well on the range but it doesn't hold up consistently on the course (to one of his other points) with my longer clubs, especially the driver.
  18. GangGreen

    Golf Truths

    Whenever you text a buddy from the course to tell him how good of a front nine you just had, you can guarantee to add 10 strokes to the back.
  19. Current HCP is 16.1 with an Anti HCP of 23.1, 7 stroke difference. Scores go back to June 2015 with my best stretch in July and some really bad numbers in October when the wheels seemed to fall off. The scoring so far this season has been a little more consistent so hoping to reduce all 3 this year.
  20. My 2 cents (as someone who also struggles with the driver), keep practicing with it and selectively pick your spots to use it during any given round until you're comfortable. For example, there are a few holes at my home course that are longer and more wide open and, in those instances, I will opt for the driver even if I know a 3W or 3H may be the safer play. The choice for me is partly the extra distance but also I feel as though I need to push myself to put the driver in play in a real situation if the risk/reward isn't too out of balance. I figure hitting it well at the range means nothing if I've conditioned myself to avoid using it on the course. That said, if it's a tighter hole, I have no issue going with the easier club to hit. In fact, my home course has many under 350 yard par 4's and, up until this year, I would always opt for a 3W. Lately, however, I've chosen to go at them with my 3H instead and found my scoring has improved dramatically as a result so, by all means, go with the longest club you feel comfortable with but don't be afraid to take the big dog out every now and again even if it's not your strongest club...yet!!!
  21. Shot an 84 (43/41) on Sunday. Fairly easy course but still happy to have scored in the mid 80s this early in the season. Driver is still a bit of a wildcard but the irons on in were pretty decent.
  22. Interesting that you posted this, happened to try a driver type session yesterday instead of my normal session (which, as I mention in my original post, is heavily weighted toward working on swing technique with my irons). I really liked it, started with my normal warm-up with my wedge, progressed to a much more abbreviated swing drill with my 7i, then spent the majority of my time with my 3W and driver (still focusing on my technique, just with the big sticks instead). I seemed to find my groove much faster and noticed a subtle difference in my swing that I probably need to concentrate a little more on when I pull out the driver (seems as though I tend to hit down with my driver, like a short iron almost, which causes me to make contact with the ball on the upper portion of the club face...explains all the pop-ups). Anyway, I think I may switch up my weekly routine and maybe spend a day each on a different part of the game instead of working on the same drills with the same clubs all week long.
  23. I can only speak for myself, but I don't believe there is a hard ceiling in terms of progress for those willing to put the time and practice in. That doesn't necessarily mean I'll ever reach tour level at my age (although I can dream!) but I do believe there's no limit to one's ability to make incremental improvements over time, with the understanding that those improvements become harder and harder to achieve the better you get. I often feel as though I'm running in place with my game and forever stuck in neutral until I step back and look at how I'm playing now (as awful as it still is) compared to only a year ago so there's still hope.
  24. Interesting thought, I do find that my best swings with the driver are when I'm taking more aggressive/full swings. It's a fine line for me, though, since those aggressive/full swings can (and often do) morph into overswings where I lose all my fundamentals. Most of my lessons actually have been centered around me taking less of a backswing and getting into a good position but still maintaining a full downswing/finish. I struggle with that too, though, since I had previously always wanted the length of my backswing to equal my downswing (if that makes any sense).
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