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  1. I take the cover off my putter and store it in the bag before the round starts and put it back on after it's over, regardless of walking or riding. For the other clubs with a head cover, if walking (with a push cart), I put the head on top of the bag and get it back onto the club after the shot, as I start walking away. If I am riding, the first time I need that club, I throw the head cover in the cart's basket and leave it there until the round is over. Sometimes, I have one club (very rarely two) with the head covers still on at the end of the round...
  2. Look, I am not dead set against these 2 getting a medal, although I think their accomplishments on (less so for Annika) and off the course are significantly less than those of Jack and Tiger, and thus devalue the medal in question (but after Rush Limbaugh and David Nunes, that value has probably hit rock bottom now, after once being given to Mother Teresa...) Anyway, Gary and Annika get to keep their medals: no-one is asking that they give them back, but they should have refused to participate in a charade after what had transpired just the day before. If it was all good and fine, why was
  3. Maybe I'm reading something that's not there, but I advocated for Jack and Tiger getting (and keeping) their medals while questioning the idea of Player and Sorenstam getting theirs on January 7th, hidden from the press, after everyone saw what happened on January 6th. You, the not 100% guy (which I agree with, in general), expressing that my views are a bit a double-standard, that I am not consistent, etc.. I just find that ironic, that's all.
  4. Ok. But... Aren't you a 100% kind of guy, at least as it relates to these four. The circumstances between the first 2 and the last 2 are vastly different, as Bill Belichik demonstrated (I'm sure he'd have had no problem accepting that honor just a few months ago).
  5. Not sure what you are saying or implying with your "Really?" and "But..." comments. As for "Enough said", it's a shortcut for me saying I am butting out of this conversation after stating some facts. That's all. Anyone can have their own opinion about this: I gave mine as it relates to Nicklaus and Tiger and again, I am out. Peace out.
  6. I'd like to point out in the Player and Sorenstam case, the award ceremony was held January 7, the day after the Capitol events, with no journalists invited, and no picture of the ceremony has surfaced since. Are they all too ashamed to be seen in public? Enough said. As for Tiger returning his medal, I'd say no: Nicklaus got his and so should Tiger. Both for achievements on the course and contributions off the course as well.
  7. I signed up again after my first round of the year at the home course. Checked 12 birdies last year (and all 18 at away courses), and need to do better this year. Good start with 1 birdie.
  8. No. I totally get that it's irrelevant: I said as much. But it also shows it's not the same thing as what happened in the Villegas case. The facts are different (and the rules too). That's all I object to: you said it's almost the same thing. I am arguing it's not. In fact here, Palmer deliberately walked towards the area where the ball would rest (in the future), chosing where to stand and not stand, presumably to avoid getting hit, etc. Villegas did no such thing: the ball came right back at him while he was busy cleaning his divot hole. Therefore Palmer could also argue that he chose t
  9. No you didn't. The ball didn't roll back to where he initially was. He was walking towards the new spot, the ball making an arc crossing at least half of the front of the green. In contrast, Villegas ball went up and immediately back down, right at him, as he was busy stamping his own divot. Palmer's kicked divot was not his own, not that it makes any difference, other than to show that the trajectory of the ball was not as straight up and down as you imply. As he was walking towards the new (future) resting spot of the ball, he was clearly evaluating where that would be, lest the ball would
  10. In Villegas case, he was pitching up to the green from an area well below the green and behind it, came up short and the ball was rolling back essentially to his feet and he did something to stomp the ground where he had hit the ball initially, as the ball was rolling back almost to the same spot. It's clear from the video here that the ball never had a chance to roll where Palmer was standing and cleared his divot, so no it's not at all comparable. Feel free to disagree, but that's what I saw (and remember from the Villegas case).
  11. I DVR'd the round and watched some of it, and happened to catch that "incident". The ball was never going to be in the area that he stepped on, even though he was not really watching it. It only turned into an incident after the commenting crew said something like "watch it!"... This really was a non-issue, in my view. I do remember the Villegas case some years ago, and this was nothing like that.
  12. I didn't know that about him, but I haven't been researching him either... Anyway, now you've got me more intrigued and I think it would be a great story (and entertainment) if he could make it on Tour and keep his card for a few years at least. Thanks!
  13. Perhaps in due time it will be. Wouldn't that be something. But long drive competition is wildly different than golf. They have huge "fairways" (like 50 yard wide) and many competitors still can't find them in 8 tries. Sure, they would go 400+ yards, but way in the woods or OB on a Tour golf course... By taming his driver, AND his 3wood, someone like Kyle could be dangerous, yes, as long as the short game is there too. But, yes, you had me chuckle. Maybe. Yes, I read about the 8 iron going 302 yards, but that's gotta be some kind of fluke no? I mean some guys on Tour hit pitching
  14. If he can dial back a bit and find the fairway at 350+ 60 to 70% of the time (like most good drivers on Tour), he'll be a menace for sure, as long as he's got the other skills too, including putting and chipping. He's bound to be around the green a lot, when he unleashes one, and he will need to get those up and in more often than not. It should be fun to watch: think DeChambeau on steroids (well, Bryson might already be on them... duh!).
  15. I use my 55 wedge most of the time, but that may be only 60 or 70%, nowhere near 90%. If I am really short sided, or the green is running away from me with a regular short side, I might use my 60 wedge (or in bunkers, depending on how far I have to go). I pitch with the 55 or the 50 gap wedge from within 40-50 yards. I bump and run with anything from a 9 iron to the 55. It all depends on the situation. One club I don't use much around the green (except from within a couple of feet of it) is the putter. I can't get my head around the changes in speeds as the ball transitions through the v
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