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  1. I find women golf is interesting enough and will certainly watch it before regular PGA events without lots of big names. Had a chance to watched it live once when they played last year in Taipei, pretty nice experience. Lydia Ko was still the biggest draw even when she was not playing well recent years. And I think women golf is much more interesting than WNBA or women soccer where the difference between men and women are too large.
  2. Thanks. Remember very happy for her finally winning ones.
  3. One thing I realize is that range balls and normal balls would get you different results. I was hitting range balls only to get about 220 yards average and was a little bit frustrated cause I knew I was hitting them quite solidly and the I said what the heck. Took my two balls from the bag and hit them then poof, carried 240 yards each.
  4. Gonna dump my ping 5W for a new M6 U3. Never hit it consistently so I will try something new. With my swing is getting more consistently I Will go a little bit more aggressive on drivable par 5 from now on.
  5. Nice swing! Why the bare feet though hehe?
  6. I always wonder what is the ceiling for a weekend golfer, like say playing twice a week and go to practice twice or three times per week. And of course with the conditions that you are normal people and working on right things. To be the next level or next next level you have to do almost everything right and spend a lots of time for golf, too.
  7. Thanks! Yeah I get to play once or twice a week, maybe more or less depends on my job. In here there is no snow so we can play all year. The summer will be over soon so the golf season is beginning. Looking at the stats now, I played 76 rounds this year already lol
  8. Done, this is one of the main community and sources of golf for me. I have learned a lots since joining the site. Hope this will help the site and the community stronger.
  9. Finally feeling kind of getting there. Worked on the right thing and boom, saw a good improvement. I’m delighted.
  10. I think you only can control what you can control. You hit a bad shot, it happened and you move on. Recently I became more accepting or quickly moved on from bad shots if I know that I did what I should. But I will be mad if it was the decision making, the messed up shot routine etc things that you can control. And if there is woulda coulda I would always take that kind of decisions back, not the shots that missed the green from 120 yards because I know it happens even with the pros. Long story short I think you should still reflex back and learn from your mistakes and the move on.
  11. I came awfully close these last two months. Had like 4 81 and 3 82 rounds lol. Sometimes I choked at the last two holes or sometimes it was one blowup holes that ruined the round. But my index is trending down, 8.9 next time and I will definitely break 80 this year.
  12. Hi all, I’m back after a while. Still practicing but the range I’m going to just too crowded for setup the camera and my driver who often went with me to the range quit so I have no one to take the video for me lol. Ok that is a bad excuse haha I’m just getting lazy. Looking back the day I created the thread my index was 13, nowadays it went down to 9.8 and trending down to 9.6. Im getting better I guess. The next goal should be break 80 (shot 9 over for like 4 times these 2 months and choked up at the last 2 holes all 4 times) and being a single handicap. Playing once or twice a week, practice once or twice also. Still going to see my instructor once a month so I don’t know if an index of 7 or smt could be realistic? It is a dilemma when you want to lower your handicap but when playing for money it is a whole different game even as a 10 handicap compared to a 12 handicap imo. Still the journey is fun so I guess i will keep working hard and trying the best I can. Anyway the video was taken last week, I went to my instructor to checking my swing. I have problems aiming and as usual my head was moving too much forward. The funny thing about going to see instructor is you could not see the immediate results as I shanked the ball 9 out of 10 times trying to tweak the swing. But the very next day I shot 81, -2 to my handicap. Choking the last two hole as usual ( on green for the par 3 too far, 3 putts for bogey, hit a pretty good drive to the fairway 155 yards to the stick only topping the ball to a bad lie in the bunker and the rest was history, lost like 100$ only for the last two holes).
  13. Brooks is just a beast. Absolutely crushing the field this year but somehow I just cant root for the guy. I dont hate him or anything but well, it is just different. I were rooting for Rory but when I saw him pairing with BK I just thought to myself he had no freaking chance 😞
  14. When I hit it out of bound? Hehe Seriously people here just loves the ProV1 so you could buy a dozen lost but shiny Pro V1 for a bargain here. If I have time I often looking for good Taylormade TP5 with half the price because it is not popular. And sometimes when the mood is right I order two dozens Snell ball when I go to Japan for business and use it sparingly.
  15. Shot 81,81,82 the last three games. Could not get over the hump to break 80. Kind of encouraging because it was so close but still a little bit disappointed especially the last two rounds. I messed up the 18th hole last game, shot 3 over at par 5 after playing even for 9 straight holes ( 1 birdie and 1 bogey). Just mis hit the 2nd shot after a perfect tee shot smh. The round before that I had 3 over at par 5 at the 17th hole also 😞 Knowing even bogey could have me my best score or breaking 80 are making me a little nervous and messed up my rhythm a little bit I guess. But after all I am scoring well, my index will go from 11.9 to 10.1 next week so I should not complain much. Just keep on working and I will break 80 in no time 😄
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