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  1. I got an albatross on Sunday! Hole in 1 with my driver on a 270 yard par 4, that was really cool.
  2. Clic gear 3.5+ is what I use. It's a great cart, no issues to report. Solid purchase.
  3. I wish you luck with them. I purchasd Stratas 2 years ago when I started playing. The irons will be just fine, driver and 3 wood were such low quality it was ridiculous. First swing I took with the driver I topped the darn ball (everyone does it, just admit it) and it left a golf ball sized dent in it. 3 wood? Same thing. The bag fell apart the very first round I walked with it. I hope your experience is better than mine. I don't mean to discourage you or talk down your purchase but it's just food for thought while you may still have time. But like I said, good luck and the irons will be just
  4. Had the round of my life today. Shot a 1 over 70. Was sitting at -2 on the 17th tee box and promptly put one OB. Made a double on that one then pushed my iron shot right of the green on the par 3 18th, made a bad chip and left myself 20' for par, lipped that bad boy out and tapped in my bogey for a fantastic round. I was sooooo close to accomplishing one of my 2016 goals. What a day.
  5. My lowest is a 4I. I use it only for punch shots that need to go somewhere, however it only gets used once every 4 or 5 rounds. Knock on wood.
  6. I use a ping glove and I really like the feel of it. I buy about 4 a year for $20 each.
  7. I will be voting for the republican candidate as per usual.
  8. I believe it. DJ drove a 290 green with an iron last year.
  9. I played there as a single last month and was told the exact same thing. I called a week before and they added me to a threesome. This was January 30th and they were booked solid that day. Most courses I've played don't make tee times for singles bit are more than happy to get you squeezed in somewhere.
  10. Got my first eagle today! 20 foot putt from the fringe on a 517 yard par 5.
  11. Shot a 7 over 76 which is great for me and the 13 I carry around. Long game was spotty at best today which I was able to save with my short game. Chip in par and a handful that ended up as tap ins. Only managed 6 greens and ended with 27 putts. This was my first time tracking putts but I felt that was a great number. This year has gotten off to a good start and am excited to see how it unfolds.
  12. I suffered from this for about 3 weeks last year and fixed it in 10 minutes at the range. I put a head cover outside the ball and tried not to hit it. Worked like a charm. Good luck to you, I know how frustrating it is.
  13. I go for the first tee time of the day or as close as I can get to it. I like to play fast and it gets so damn hot here in the summer it is nearly unbearable.
  14. My vote would be a 58. Extremely versatile club and will be perfect for what you are after.
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